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Peter Pan Return to Never Land | 4

Quotes SLIGHTLY: Let's hear it for Jane! No, wait! No! Whoa! Ohh! The treasure is ours! Ow! Hey! Let me go! HOOK: Ha ha! it's time for you... to meet your maker, Peter Pan! Stop it! Please! Sorry, no can do. And thank you, milady. I couldn't have done it without you. Jane? I never meant Oh, my. Have we let the kitty out of the bag? No, wait! You said no one would get hurt. You gave your word! HOOK: And Captain Hook is a man of his word. I promised... I wouldn't harm a single hair on his head. And... Ow! This is the one I won't harm! Here, you keep it.
The rest of him is mine! I didn't do it, Peter! I never agreed to this. You're a traitor, Jane. You lied to me! And because you don't believe in fairies... Tink's light is going out! Tinker Bell? JANE: No. Peter, I... I'll save you, Peter! I will! My dear, no one can save him now! Tinker Bell! JANE: Tinker Bell! Tink! Tink! Tinker Bell! Tinker Bell? Oh, this is wonderful. Wait until Peter Oh, my gosh. Peter. PIRATE: Aye: Keel haul the brats! He's fooled now! Hey, he's like a pinata! HOOK: Look at him, Smee. He's nothing but a child... and I loathe children. Cut him down. Aah! Any last words, boy? Let the Lost Boys go. Oh, they'll go right after you one by one... off the end of the plank! PETER: Be brave, lads. Don't let them see you cry. Say your prayers, Peter Pan. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ooh! Abandon ship! HOOK: Whoa! Yaah! Ooh! Uhh! Ha. Ooh. Ay! Aah! Ooh! HOOK: Help me, please! Aah! You know the rules, Hook. A good captain always goes down with his ship. I don't want to be a good captain! OCTOPUS: Uhoh. Look! HOOK: Smee! MEN: Ohh! ALL: Aah! LOST BOYS: The codfish! The codfish! The codfish! The codfish! Hooray! Whoohoo! All right! Whoohoo! Yay! LOST BOYS: Yay! Let's hear it for Jane! TWINS: The one and only... ALL: Lost Girl! Thank you. Thank you. ALL: Yay! What's wrong, Peter? Aw, you can fly now. You can go home. I can go home. SLIGHTLY: But... Ha ha ha! We'll miss you. Yeaha lot. And I'll miss you all of you. But there's someone back home who needs me. And besides... now I've got great stories to tell him and they'll all be about Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. BOYS: Yeah! All right! Hey! In that case, Mademoiselle... it would be my pleasure to escort you back to London. will be all mine, good sir. Whoa! Hey! Well, it's a long way home. Give me your best shot, Tink. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Oh, my gosh! Mother. Mother! Darling, what's wrong? JANE: Mommy! What is it? Oh! Oh, you were right. He is most remarkable. Who, dear? Oh, Mother, I'm so sorry. Oh, if only I'd listened to you. I had a bad dream. Did you now? Was it Hook again? Were those pirates up to their old tricks again? Whoa! Hey! What's going on? I know how to take care of that old codfish. We can do it together, Danny. DANNY: We can? JANE: The two of us. Really? I saw him, you know. Captain Hook kidnapped me. Stuffed me into an old dirty bag, he did. He took me off to Never Land... and tried to feed me to a giant octopus. Wow. JANE: There were pirates everywhere. DANNY: You saw Tinker Bell? JANE: Uhhuh, but her light almost went out. You see, you have to be very careful. Shh! Huh? Wendy? Hello, Peter. You changed. Not really. Not ever. Hello, Tinker Bell. Hmm. Oh, Tink. Heh. Madam. Ha ha ha! Goodbye, Wendy. Goodbye, Peter. Wow, look at him! It's Peter Pan! I'll always believe in you, Peter Pan. DRIVER: Here we go, then. EDWARD: Thanks, mate: I appreciate it. JANE: Daddy? Daddy! Edward. JANE: Daddy's home! Come on, Tink. Let's go home. Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart.

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