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Pocahontas | 2

Quotes BEN: Keep it taut! Steady! Steady! Hold up! LON: That's far enough! All right now. Tie her off! Here, John, tie off this end. John? John? What are you doing up there? JOHN SMITH: Getting a better look. Hey! Well... you're a strange looking fellow. You hungry? Here you go. It's a biscuit. It's food. Well, sort of. You like it, eh? Well, try eating it for four months straight. You got a friend back there? Hey... what the... What...? Watch out. No... get that... Look out!
THOMAS: John, you better get down here! The governor's coming ashore. JOHN SMITH: All right. I'm leaving. INDIAN #1: Did you see their skin? Pale and sickly. INDIAN #2: They have hair on their faces like dogs. POWHATAN: My brothers, we must know more about these visitorswe must know more about these visitors. Kekata, what do you see? KEKATA: These are not men like us but strange beasts with bodies that shine like the sun, and weapons that spout fire and thunder. They prowl the earth like ravenous wolves, consuming everything in their path. KOCOUM: Great Powhatan, I will lead our warriors to the river and attack. We will destroy these invaders the way we destroyed the Massawomecks. POWHATAN: Kocoum, in that battle we knew how to fight our enemy, but these pale visitors are strange to us. Take some men to the river to observe them. Let us hope they do not intend to stay. RATCLIFFE: I hereby claim this land and all its riches in the name of His Majesty, King James the First, and do so name this settlement Jamestown. WIGGINS: Bravo! Bravo! Beautifully spoken, sir! Hurry now, Percy. We must be all squeaky clean for the New Worldclean for the New World. JOHN SMITH: No! Wait! Please... Please! Don't run off. It's all right. I'm not going to hurt you. Here. Let me help you out of there. You don't understand a wordunderstand a word RATCLIFFE: That's it. Keep at it, men. Keep digging. It's got to be here somewhere. NAMONTACK: There's 30 more down by the ridge. KOCOUM: That makes more than 100! RATCLIFFE: Anything yet? THOMAS: Nothing but rocks and dirt, sir. LON: How long are we going to keep digging like this, sir? BEN: We're slaving away, busting our backs day and night... RATCLIFFE: For king and country. I know, I know. And I share your fatigue. Wiggins! Wiggins! WIGGINS: Coming! RATCLIFFE: Dispose of this. WIGGINS: Who's a good doggie? Fetch, boy! RATCLIFFE: Savages! It's an ambush! Arm yourselves! WIGGINS: Run! RATCLIFFE: Arm yourselves! Make sure every man has a musket! Shoot! Them, you idiot! Where's that blasted Smith when I need him? KOCOUM: Namontack! Back to the village! RATCLIFFE: Shut up. Shut up, you fools! They'll be back. Everyone back to camp. Get the rest of the cannons ashore, finish building the fort! BEN: Aye, Governor! RATCLIFFE: And you... learn to use that thing properly. A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot. POWHATAN: These beasts invade our shores, and now this. KEKATA: This wound is strange to me. POWHATAN: We will fight this enemy, but we cannot do it alone. Kocoum, send messengers to every village in our nation. We will call on our brothers to help us fight. These white men are dangerous! No one is to go near them. JOHN SMITH: It's called a helmet. POCAHONTAS: Helmet. JOHN SMITH: So... what river is this? POCAHONTAS: Quiyoughcohannock. JOHN SMITH: You have the most unusual namesmost unusual names. POCAHONTAS: London? Is that your village? JOHN SMITH: Yes. It's a very big village. POCAHONTAS: What's it like? JOHN SMITH: It's got streets filled with carriages, bridges over the rivers, and buildings as tall as trees. POCAHONTAS: I'd like to see those things. JOHN SMITH: You will. POCAHONTAS: How? JOHN SMITH: We're going to build them here. We'll show your people how to use this land properly. How to make the most of it. POCAHONTAS: Make the most of it? JOHN SMITH: Yes. We'll build roads and decent houses. POCAHONTAS: Our houses are fine. JOHN SMITH: You think that only because you don't know any better. Wait a minute. Don't take it that. Hey! Wait! Wait! There's so much we can teach you. We've improved the lives of savages all over the world. POCAHONTAS: Savages? JOHN SMITH: Not that you're a savage. POCAHONTAS: Just my people. JOHN SMITH: No. Listen, that's not what I meant. Let me explain. POCAHONTAS: Let go! JOHN SMITH: No. I'm not letting you leave.

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Pocahontas (1995)
Pocahontas (1995)
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