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The suspension bridge | Saludos Amigos

Quotes The visitor never seems to be satisfied until he tries on the native costume. And our tourist is no exception. The llama is obviously not a jitterbug but if you want to explore this precipitous country he'll solve all your transportation problems. One soon becomes accustomed to the low, fleecy clouds that steal like silent ghosts across one's path.

The gentle undulating gait of the llama adapts itselfThe gentle undulating gait of the llama adapts itself very nicely to the swaying motion of the suspension bridgevery nicely to the swaying motion of the suspension bridge. The tallest building in South America the Edificio Cavanaugh. Yes, they were really impressed with the big city but impressive, too, was the lure of the pampas and the Argentine gaucho as painted by F. Molina Campos. The party was guests at his ranch studio where Senor Campos paints the gaucho with amazing detail and humor. Seeing these pictures made them more anxious than ever to meet these caballeros in person. And they lived up to their picturesAnd they lived up to their pictures. A real Wild West show but just part of the day's work for a gaucho. Sketching these paisanos in action was no easy job. But they did manage to get a good look at the gaucho's equipment. Silver coins decorate his belt, or tirador. The sheepskin saddle. Soft horsehide boots. This garment's called a chiri. Here the visitors were treated to an asadothe visitors were treated to an asado. Choice cuts of meat; mate, the Argentine tea. DONALD DUCK: Suspension bridge? Oh, no! NARRATOR: Far below us, we see the village. DONALD DUCK: The flute. Give me that flute, ya big palooka! Hey! Take it easy! What? NARRATOR: The traveler should be cautioned against any reckless behavior at this high altitude. Overexertion is dangerous. And above all, one should never lose one's temper. DONALD DUCK: Shut up, ya big windbag! Get off of me! Go on, beat it! Doggone you. NARRATOR: And finally, the pottery market where the visitor always drops in. Seldom failing to accumulate a large collection of the native handiwork, as he bids a fond farewell to the land of the Incas, Lake Titicaca.