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Tarzan II | 2

Quotes Wait a second. Hey! Uto, that's not a bird. So not. It hasn't got any feathers, banana brain. Is too, and I can prove it. We'll throw it off a cliff and when it flies, then you'll be the banana brain. Don't poke me. Don't poke me! Don't poke me! Don't poke me! Stop! Stop! Stop laughing! I like it when my brother gets hiccups. It's hilarious. That's it. I'm taking you down. Boys! Hi, Ma. Hello, Mother. My darling boys, my little treasures, what has Mama Gunda told you about fighting? But he was poking me. He was calling me banana brain. Lips! Fighting each other makes Mama very unhappy! Do we understand Mama? Yes, ma'am. What is all this silliness about a baby bird? I'm not a bird. I'm an ape. An ape! Like you. Can we still throw it off a cliff? If you are an ape, where's your family? How did you get here? You must have come through that rift. It's the only way in. Besides falling in. I tripped. I was trying to get away from the monster. We all were, dear. Monster? It guards the rift, just waiting. And if it catches you, they say it'll eat you. They call it... Don't say it, Ma. I'm not listening. I don't hear this. ...the Zugor. But there's no such thing as the... Zugor! It's coming. The Zugor! Zugor! It's the Zugor! Run, it's the Zugor! My tree. Stay out. But you've gotta let me... No. Go away. Please! No. If I stay out here the Zugor might get me. Boo-hoo for you. You've got to help me. You've got to. Mom? Okay, my babies. There we go, climb in.
It's been another big day for my two little boys, hasn't it? The Zugor scared us, Ma. Oh, I know, dear. Didn't scare me. Did too. Did not. Did too. Did not. Ma? Yes, dear? Tell us a story. All right. If I tell you a story, will you go to sleep for Mama? Yes, ma'am. Well, then, let's see. All right. Once upon a time, there was a family of three oh, I don't know, three... Silly little froggies? All right, dear. Once upon a time, there was a family of three little frogs. One of them was a tiny bit dim... Which one? One was a teensy bit violent. I like that one. And some might say the mama was just a tad controlling but I disagree. Do alligators eat the frogs? Oh, no. Don't let the froggies get eaten. Have them fly away. It's all right, Uto. They don't get eaten. But the three little frogs were all alone in a great big world, hopping from pond to pond. Hippety-hop. Just trying to find somewhere where they'd be wanted. But every place they went, they were kicked out. Maybe the frogs need to smash some heads, Ma! The frogs ended up in a horrible valley, terrorized by a monster, with next to nothing to eat or drink and only pointy rocks to sleep on! So... Huh? ...tomorrow she's gonna find her froggies a new home. And this time, anyone who gets in her way is gonna feel the terrible wrath of Mama Frog! Mom, I broke my pillow again. Tarzan? Mom! Ouch. Zugor! The Zugor? I don't believe it. Hi, Zugor. Hello. You are the Zugor, aren't you? No, I'm not. Sure you are. I saw you. No, you didn't. You scared off that rhino so you could get this fruit. Hey, that's mine! Run! Gee, thanks... for nothing! Your fault we were being chased in the first place. Hey, wait up. Go away. Leave me alone. Alone? Yes. Alone? Zugor Rule Number One: Don't need anyone but yourself. Go home. I can't. I ran away. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I can't go back, not until I learn how to be a good ape. Boo-hoo. Go play with an alligator. Hey, maybe you could teach me? You're the Zugor. Teach? Me? Nah. Wait... Nah. How about this: Nah! So long, goodbye. Okay, I guess I'll be going. Boy, I can't wait to tell everyone who the Zugor really is. Huh? Especially those three big apes. Gosh, I bet we have a good laugh when I tell them you're the Zugor. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know, you could change your mind. That way, I'll never tell anyone your secret. I don't like you. Fine. Deal. I'll help you. And in return, you don't tell anyone. Right! Don't tell anyone. Tarzan? Terk was trying to teach me to be a good ape by pretending to be a monster. She was pretending to be you, but you're not a monster. You're just a Zugor who pretends... Hey! Wait for me! Wow. This is your home? Where do you sleep? This place is great. You even have your own stream. Now, in as few words as possible, what do I gotta do to get rid of you? Teach me how to be a good ape. An ape? Kid, you're not an ape. I am too. Nope. I'll prove it to you. My arm: Hair. Your arm: No hair. Not an ape. But... but I gotta be. My mom's an ape, my friends are apes, my whole family. If I'm not an ape, then... Then what am I? I don't know.

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Tarzan II (2005)
Tarzan II (2005)
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