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Quotes Maybe you're some form of mutant hairless gibbon. Or a variety of annoying featherless bird. A bird? Or perhaps some rare species of ugly fish. Ugly? Oh, yes. Very, very, very ugly. There. Figured you're not an ape. That wraps it up. Can't teach you to be something you're not. Bye. Whoa, wait. You still gotta help me find out what I am. We have a deal... Zugor. Fine. Zugor, thank you so... Hold it. No sappy thank you's will be encouraged, indulged or even barely tolerated. Come on. The sooner we figure out what you are, the sooner I can be rid of you. Okay. Hey, Zugor. Huh? Thanks anyway. I am the Zugor. Roar! Auntie Kala's sad. How come? She misses Tarzan. That's right, little one. Don't cry, Tarzan's still... Monkey berries. Remember? I know. I wasn't gonna tell her. Tell me what? That Tarzan's alive. And Terk and Tantor went to look for him.
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On Dark Mountain. Tarzan's alive? I'm going to look for them. You kids stay here. Well, today didn't work out too good. But we'll try again tomorrow, right? I'm eager, excited, breathless with anticipation. Enough yapping out of you. Less yapping, more napping. Me, here. You, there. Way over there. Me Tarzan, you grouch. Old bones. You need a better nest. My mom could make a really good nest. Yeah. My mom made a great nest too. Nice. Soft. Warm. She made me this nest once, swung between two branches. Like sleeping on air. So when did you figure out you were a Zugor? That's past. All in the past. What happened? Got old, got slow, got left behind. Same old story. Boo-hoo. How sad for me. A danger to the family. I'm gonna take a look around. Got to keep an eye out. Keep them away. Rule Number One. Can I help? No. Anybody marching around my mountain, soiling my soil, messing with my stuff. It's my stuff. Hey! Why are you messing with my stuff? I made you a nest. You made this? For me? Sure. For your old bones. Like your mom used to make. Try it out. This wasn't part of the deal. I know. It's good. Sleeping on air. I don't know what you are, Tarzan, but you're pretty clever. Like the other day when you did that nifty vine thing with the rhino. Never seen anything like it. Yeah, well, I'm not smart enough to figure out what I am though. I'm not strong like an elephant. Not tall like a giraffe. I can't fly like a bird. Maybe I'm a nothing. So, you're just gonna sit here and hold onto me until your mama comes back? Yup. All day long? Yup. I'm gonna smash you. Say, Uto, how come you gotta do all the hard work around here? Huh? What? Hard work? I mean, you gotta sit here with me while lazy Kago over there gets to have fun beating up his rock. I mean, I don't know, but that just don't seem fair. Nope, not fair at all. Not even a little bit fair. Say, this isn't fair. What? I said this isn't fair. Me doing all the hard work. You gotta do some work too, so here, Mr Lazy. Are you gonna take that? Take what? Uto insulted you. He insulted me? Yes. You insulted me? Yes? I'll... No idea who you're dealing with. Stop. Uto, stop! Where is she? Oops. Just wait till I catch her again. I'll... Hey, you got a banana. Good job. Not really. If I was a chimp or a baboon, I'd just climb to the top and get a whole bunch. I can only get one at a time. Still think you're a nothing, huh? Maybe we can do something about that. We can? Yeah, I figure, since you're nothing, and you're looking to be something you might as well try being a Zugor. A Zugor? It's fine if you don't want to. Feel free to say no. After all, it can get pretty lonely. You mean, I'd be like you? Wow! A Zugor! Yes! I'm a Zugor. Roar! Rule Number One: We don't need anyone but ourselves. This is our mountain. Roar! Our mountain. Zugor in training, use that vine thing of yours to round up some breakfast. Yes, sir. Zugor? You know, this wasn't part of the deal. I know. Hello? Is anyone there? Hello? Something's got me. It's the monster! Goodbye cruel jungle world. I'm doomed! Doomed! Doomed to be a coconut head. Terk? The one and only. Let's get out of here. Whoa! Terk? Tantor? Tarzan! You're alive!

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Tarzan II (2005)
Tarzan II (2005)
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