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Quotes You're alive! We thought you were dead, and then Tantor... Heard you yell, but when we got to Dark Mountain, the Zugor... And then those big apes... And then I was stuck in a hole and Terk got eaten. Sort of. Wait. Those big apes are after you? They're probably right behind us. Come on. I know a great place to hide. What a sweet reunion. We're sorry we let her get away. But she's an evil genius. It's all right, boys. Now we can follow them. Where, Ma? Past the Zugor, of course. What are you doing here? I told you to stay home. We're bored of staying home. And we like monkey berries. We aren't looking for monkey berries. But we might find some. All right, but stay close. Would you move it already? Those apes could've thumped us by now. Whoa! Huh? Did we make it? Yep, we'll be safe here. Boy, I sure missed you guys. We missed you too, pal. That's why we came to bring you home. Not coming home. You're not? Nope. I'm a Zugor now. A Zugor? What does that mean? Means I don't need anybody but myself. Anybody? Anybody. Well, what about your mom? She's better off without me. And I can't go back. I'm a Zugor now. Well, who is this Zugor monster anyways? I told you, he's not a monster. There is no monster. No monster? What do you mean, no monster? Well, I mean there's no monster... Bigger or scarier... Hey! Looky what I found. Put me down. Put me down! Okay. What the? Why? Who? Hello. Zugor... You said you wouldn't tell anybody. You promised. Zugor, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... You're the Zugor? All this time, my poor boys and I have been stuck in that rotten valley because of you?
I ought to... Leave him alone! Out of the way, twerp. You know what, boys? I think this place could use a little... remodelling. Yeah! Good. Good. Hey, Kago, look at this. It's bouncy, bouncy, bounce... You see? It's not nice to fool Mama Gunda. Zugor? This is your fault. I'm sorry. I needed to help my friends and I... So that's where all of you are from. How lovely. Thanks to blabbermouth here, we know where to find our new home. They squeezed it out of me. Come on, boys. Let's go take over the neighbourhood. And this time, no one gets in our way. There it is. Dark Mountain. Zugor! Zugor, where are you? Zugor. First rule... Zugor, come on. We need your help. Tarzan, we're gonna warn Kerchak. Wait. We're coming with you. No offence, Tarzan, but you'll just slow us down. Let's go, Tant. They won't make it in time. You're the one who knows this mountain. No. I never should have let you in. I thought you were my friend and you betrayed me. It was the first rule, and I broke it. Zugor, please. I know I messed everything up, but you've got to help. Boo-hoo. It's my family. Then go. Go! You don't need me! And I don't need you! Fine. Boo-hoo for me. I think I know which way to go. Yeah, me too. It's that way. Come on, guys. I know a shortcut. Tarzan! No! Whoa! Let's never speak of this again. Come on! Slow, down. Don't get too far ahead. I won't. Huh? Hey, look Ma, a baby. Well, for goodness sakes. Can I play with it? Can I? Put him down. Says who? Hey. Back off. Yeah! You can't do that to my brother. Mom! Mom, are you okay? Tarzan! Oh, goody. Leave him alone! Let's see if he can fly. Mom! Zugor! Zugor? Tarzan! But, what are you? I did it! I finally figured out what you are! A Tarzan! A Tarzan? Yes. Remember how you saved us from that rhino? And made that great hammock? And got those bananas? You do things no one else can. Kid, you're a Tarzan. Now, go get 'em. Hey! Huh? Hey! It's him. Get out of here, you ratty old thing. Ratty? You hit every branch when you fell out of the ugly tree. Well, you're so bony, I bet the vultures wouldn't even want you. Hey, the hippo called. He wants his body back. Hold on, little ones. Auntie Kala. Auntie Kala! Come on. Climb up. Huh? Put a cork in it, you scraggly old sloth. You big blob of swamp gas. Lizard lips! Slug snot! Bat barf! You have beautiful eyes! Huh? This is creepy. What is he? Where is he? What was that? Mama! Hey! Uh-oh. Huh? Uto, wait for me! Okay, wait, I think I've got it. You thought you were a nothing, but you're really a something, which makes you an anything? No, Mom. What was it again? It doesn't matter. You were right before. What I am... is part of this family. Tarzan, I am so proud of you. Zugor! Tarzan. I came to say goodbye. Already? Well, you know. They need me. I'll be up to visit you soon. You better. And, Zugor... Thanks. Thanks for everything. No. Thank you. Now boys, the two of you are going to fix that nice tree of Zugor's that you broke all to pieces. But, Ma... Boys. Rule Number One: Never talk back to your mother. We didn't... Boo-hoo. We just... Boo-hoo. Boo-hoo for you. Nothing escapes the monster! Really? What in the world was that? That, my friend, is a Tarzan.

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Tarzan II (2005)
Tarzan II (2005)
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