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Quotes NARRATOR: And so, the next morning... TIGGER: Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Hello, everybody! Pooh boy! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Pig-i-let! Kanga! Kanga! Roo! Roo! Roo! Hoo, hoo, hoo! Eeyore! Eeyore, old buddy! Look at what I got. A letter, a letter for me! That's who! T-I-double-geh-er spells Tigger! ROO: I, uh, wonder who it might be from.
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TIGGER: From my very own family! I knew I had one. A great big family!A great big family! Full of uncles and aunties and grand-Tiggers and second-cousin Tiggers! And they're all just like me. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Just imaginate it. Hundreds of thousands of Tiggers! All bouncin' around up there in our huge gigantical family tree! TIGGER: Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! And, I'm especially excited about this part, they miss me somethin' awful! And they're comin' to see me... tomorrow! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! ROO: T-T-Tomorrow? ALL: Uh-oh. WINNIE-THE-POOH: Oh, Tigger, I can't wait to meet them. OWL: Now, where did it say that... exactly? TIGGER: Exackatackly nowhere, per se, 'cause with us Tiggers, you got to read betwixt the lines. I'm gonna see my whole family! 'Cause my whole family is all comin' to see little old you-know-hoo-hoo-hoo! TIGGER SINGING: The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I'm not the only one I'm not the only one. TIGGER: Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!
NARRATOR: Now, Tigger was so enormously excited that his friends couldn't help but feel, well, a bit concerned. ROO: Tigger? Tigger? TIGGER: Oh, hi ya, Roo! ROO: What are ya doin', Tigger? TIGGER: Why, I'm buildin' a family room on to my house! So my family will have plenty of room! Hoo, hoo, hoo! They got to live somewheres after the big family reunitin' party. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! ROO: Party? TIGGER: Why, sure! Boy, it's gonna be great. Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! It's all right in my letter. Speakin' of which, you wanna hear me read it once or thrice again? ROO: Uh, Tigger... TIGGER: "Dear..." They call me "dear." It's embarrassin', ain't it, the way us Tiggers go oozin' oodles and doodles of affection? ROO: Yeah, but... TIGGER: "Dear Tigger..." Ya see that? Us Tiggers always call us Tiggers by their firstest namesUs Tiggers always call us Tiggers by their firstest names. "Dress warmly." They're worried sick about me. "Eat Well. Keep smilin'. Stay safe and sound." And here is the best part of all. "We're always there for ya." Isn't this the all-time greatest? ROO: Yeah, the greatest. ROO: I was gonna tell him, but I couldn't. Pooh, do you think you could? WINNIE-THE-POOH: Why, certainly, Roo. Could what? ROO: Tell him, uh, about the letter? WINNIE-THE-POOH: Why, certainly. TIGGER: Could that be them already? Tiggers are usually fashionabubbly late. Welcome, dear brothers, to the house of Tigger! Oh, hoo, hoo! Hi ya, buddy bear. You're just in time to help me finish up with the finishin' up. Hold these here while I put those there. WINNIE-THE-POOH: Uh, Tigger, there is a very important matter which I must discuss. TIGGER: You're right, Pooh boy! I could use another balloon or two dozen. WINNIE-THE-POOH: Um, Tigger? TIGGER: Hmm? Something isn't right here. Much better. Now, what'd you want to talk about, Pooh boy? Pooh? WINNIE-THE-POOH: Perhaps I'll need a bit of help. NARRATOR: Tigger was so very excited and had so very many things to do. He heard very little of what anyone else was saying. But as it so happened, none of his friends had the heart to tell Tigger very much of anything anyway. EEYORE: Not like he won't find out for himself, sooner or later. KANGA: Oh, poor dear. He'll be so disappointed. PIGLET: Oh, d-d-dear. OWL: Indeed. Oh, what have we done? WINNIE-THE-POOH: Oh, perhaps his family will come and everything will be fine. ROO: That's it! OWL: There! Ha, ha! A veritable work of art. KANGA: Ah. And just how will this cheer up Tigger? ROO: Uh, Well, uh, the stripes look okay. But what we have to do is act real Tiggery. We gotta do a lot of bouncing and say a lot of Tigger stuff. OWL: Yes, such as, "Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!" PIGLET: "Absoposilutely." ROO: That's kinda sorta like, like Tigger, but TIGGER: I wonder where they could be. What if they got the wrong directions? What if they strayed off the beaten path? What if they're out there hopelessly lost? Clutched in the cruel grasp of winter? Hold on, Tiggers! I'm comin' to get ya! EEYORE, OWL, PIGLET, KANGA, ROO, WINNIE-THE-POOH: Surprise! TIGGER: Is it... Is it... Is it really you, my very own one and only family? ALL: Yep, yep! TIGGER: Come in! There's a lot of catchin' uppin' we gotta do. We haven't seen each other in... We haven't seen each other! Ooh! Ooh. ROO: Um, gee, it's, um, nice to have all usnice to have all us TIGGER: It looks like ya already been playin' it. I know. Let's all do what Tiggers do best! That would be bouncin', of course. ALL: Yes, what a lovely idea. Yeah! TIGGER: Let the bouncin' begin! ALL: Yeah! TIGGER: Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! EEYORE: Bounce. Bounce. PIGLET: Ha, ha, ha! I do enjoy bouncing. KANGA: Don't bounce too high now, Roo... Tigger! Tigger, dear. WINNIE-THE-POOH: You certainly have a wonderful family, Tigger. ROO: Wait a second! We gotta bounce the Whoop-de-Dooper, Loop-de-Looper, Ali-Ooper Bounce! TIGGER: What a Tiggerific idea! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! Guests first. ROO: You gotta swing your legs up high. And you twist your tail in tight. You wind up all your springs, and with your eyes fixed straight ahead, ya let it all loose and go, "Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!" TIGGER: Roo? What are you doin' impersonizin' a Tigger? Piglet? Kanga? Owl? Eeyore? EEYORE: Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo. WINNIE-THE-POOH: We only wanted to help, Tigger. TIGGER: Oh. Oh. Now I understand. It was all a big joke. Well, that's all right, 'cause somewhere out there, there's a Tigger family tree full of my real Tigger family! I got a letter to prove it! And I'm gonna find 'em, so... T.T.F.E.! Ta-ta for ever!

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The Tigger Movie (2000)
The Tigger Movie (2000)
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