Toy Story 7 - The toys are alive

Pictures and full quotes WOODY: So play nice. We did it! We did it! Yes! SID PHILLIPS: The toys!
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The toys are aliveThe toys are alive! Nice toy. HANNAH: What's wrong, Sid? Don't you want to play with Sally? WOODY: Nice work, fellowsNice work, fellows. Good job. Coming out of the ground, what a touch. That was a stroke of genius. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Woody. Thanks. MRS. DAVIS: Everybody say, "Bye, house!" Woody! The van! ANDY DAVIS: Bye, house. WOODY: We gotta run! Thanks, guys! Quick! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Just go. I'll catch up. Come on! You can do it, Woody! WOODY: I got it! I made it. Get away, you stupid dogGet away, you stupid dog! Down! Down! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Hold on, Woody! WOODY: I can't do it. Take care of Andy for me! No! Buzz! REX: Are we there already? SLINKY DOG: Woody? How did you...? HAMM: How'd he get here? MR. POTATO HEAD: Where have you...? REX: What happened? HAMM: What's goin' on? MR. POTATO HEAD: What's he taking? WOODY: There you are! MR. POTATO HEAD: Hey. What's he doing? REX: He's at it again! MR. POTATO HEAD: Get him! Come on! WOODY: No, no! No, no, no, no! Wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! HAMM: Pig pile! Get outta that car! WOODY: Move it! No! Please! You don't understand! Buzz is out there. We gotta help him. No! MR. POTATO HEAD: Toss him overboard! WOODY: No, no, no! Wait! MR. POTATO HEAD: Hooray! So long, Woody! Oh! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Woody! Oh! Well, thanks for the rideWell, thanks for the ride. Look out!
WOODY: Now let's catch up to that truck.
LENNY: Guys! Guys!
Woody's riding R.C.
BO PEEP: What?
And Buzz is with him!
It is Buzz!
Woody was telling the truth.
SLINKY DOG: What have we done?
REX: Great!
Now I have guilt.
WOODY: We're almost there!
BO PEEP: Rocky, the ramp!
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