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Pictures and full quotes WOODY: Look out! SLINKY DOG: Quick! Hold onto my tail! MR. POTATO HEAD: Attaboy, Slink! SLINKY DOG: Oh! Woody! Woody! Speed up! Speed up! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: The batteries! They're runnin' out! I can't hold on much longer.

WOODY: Slink! Hang on! Great! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Woody! The rocket! WOODY: The match! Yes! Thank you, Sid! Oh, no! No! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Woody! What are you doing? WOODY: Hold still, Buzz! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: You did it! Next stop, Andy! WOODY: Wait a minute. I just lit a rocketI just lit a rocket. Rockets explode! I should have held on longer. LENNY: Look! Look! It's Woody and Buzz comin' up fast! Woody! Take cover! WOODY: This is the part where we blow up! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Not today! WOODY: Hey, Buzz! You're flyin'! BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: This isn't flying, this is falling with styleThis isn't flying, this is falling with style. WOODY: To infinity and beyond! Buzz, we missed the truck. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: We're not aiming for the truck. ANDY DAVIS: Hey, wow! MRS. DAVIS: What? What is it? ANDY DAVIS: Woody! Buzz! MRS. DAVIS: Oh, great, you found them. Where were they? ANDY DAVIS: Here in the car! MRS. DAVIS: See? Now, what'd I tell you? Right where you left 'em. ANDY DAVIS: Which one can I open first? MRS. DAVIS: Let's let Molly open one. SARGE: Frankincense, this is Myrrh. HAMM: Hey, heads up, everybody, it's show timeheads up, everybody, it's show time. Whoa! SLINKY DOG: It's time! WOODY: Oh, Bo. There's got to be a less painful way to get my attention. BO PEEP: Merry Christmas, Sheriff. WOODY: Say, isn't that mistletoe? REX: Maybe Andy will get another dinosaur. Like a leaf eater. That way I could play the dominant predator. SLINKY DOG: Quiet, everyone! Quiet! SARGE: Molly's first present is Mrs Potato Head. Repeat, a Mrs Potato Head. HAMM: Way to go, Idaho! MR. POTATO HEAD: Gee, I'd better shave.
SARGE: Come in, Frankincense. Andy is now opening his first present. It's.
WOODY: Buzz. Buzz Lightyear, you are not worried, are you? I can't quite.
BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: Me? No, no. Make out. No.
SARGE: A large box. It's.
WOODY: Now, Buzz, what could Andy possibly get that is worse than you?
HAMM: Oh, what is it? What is it?
ANDY DAVIS: Wow! A puppy!
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