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Quotes WINNIE THE POOH: I wonder what's for breakfast. Breakfast. GOPHER: Lunch. A lunch box! It certainly is! I'm working the swing shift, you know. Time for my midnight snack. Say, ain't you that stuck-up bear? I still think I could blast you out of there. WINNIE THE POOH: Uh, what sort of lunch is in that lunch box? GOPHER: Well, let's see here. Summer squash salmon salad, succotash, spiced custard and honey. WINNIE THE POOH: Honey? RABBIT: Honey? Oh, no! WINNIE THE POOH: Could you spare a small smackerel?
GOPHER: Say, you ought to do something about that speech impediment, sonny.
WINNIE THE POOH: Oh, thank you, Gopher.
RABBIT: Oh, no! Not that! No! Not one drop!
WINNIE THE POOH: But, Rabbit, I wasn't going to eat it. I was just going to taste it.
RABBIT: I'll taste it for you.
RABBIT: There he goes!
GOPHER: Suffering sassafras. He's sailing clean out of the book! Quick! Turn the page!
EEYORE: Stuck again.
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Don't worry, Pooh. We'll get you out.
WINNIE THE POOH: No hurry. Take your time.
NARRATOR: And so we come to the next chapter in which...
WINNIE THE POOH: But I haven't finished yet.
NARRATOR: Well, let's turn the page and find out. Now, one fine day, the east wind traded places with the west wind. And that stirred things up a bit all through the Hundred-Acre Wood. Now, on this blustery day Pooh decided to visit his thoughtful spot.
WINNIE THE POOH: Yes, and on the way I made up a little hum. And it hums something like this.
NARRATOR: Fortunately, Pooh's thoughtful spot was in a sheltered place. Now he sat down and tried hard to think of something.
GOPHER: Say, what's wrong, sonny? Got yourself a headache?
WINNIE THE POOH: No, I was just thinking.
GOPHER: Is that so? What about?
GOPHER: If I was you, I'd think about skedaddling out of here.
GOPHER: 'Cause it's "Winds-day.
WINNIE THE POOH: Winds-day"? Oh! Then I think I shall wish everyone a happy "Winds-day and I shall begin with my very dear friend, Piglet.

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NARRATOR: Now, Piglet lived in the middle of the forest in a very grand house in the middle of a beech tree. And Piglet loved it very much.
PIGLET: It belonged to my grandfather. Oh, that's his name up there, Trespassers Will. That's short for "Trespassers William.
NARRATOR: Trespassers William? PIGLET: Yes. And Grandma Oh. She called him T. W. That's even shorter.
NARRATOR: Yes. And on this blustery day, the wind was giving you a bit of a bother. PIGLET: Now, you've been here before. I don't mind the leaves that are leaving. It's the leaves that are coming.
WINNIE THE POOH: Happy "Winds-day," Piglet.
PIGLET: Well, it isn't very happy for me. PIGLET: That's what I'm asking myself, where? Whoops! Pooh! WINNIE THE POOH: And what do you think you will answer yourself?
PIGLET: Oh! I'm unravelling. Whoops! Oh, that was a close one!
WINNIE THE POOH: Hang on tight, Piglet.
ROO: Look, Mama, look! A kite!
KANGA: Oh, my goodness, it's Piglet!
WINNIE THE POOH: Happy "Winds-day," Kanga. Happy "Winds-day," Roo.
ROO: Can I fly Piglet next, Pooh?
EEYORE: There, that should stand against anything.
PIGLET: Oh, oh! Help! Somebody, save me!
WINNIE THE POOH: Happy "Winds-day," Eeyore.
EEYORE: Thanks for noticing me.
WINNIE THE POOH: Oh, bother!
RABBIT: Oh, what a refreshing day for harvesting.
WINNIE THE POOH: Happy Winds-day, Rabbit.
RABBIT: Pooh bear, Stop! Oh, go back! Oh, no! Oh, yes! Well, next time, I hope he blows right through my rutabaga patch.
OWL: Who is it?
PIGLET: It's me. Please, may I come in?
OWL: Well, I say now. Someone has pasted Piglet on my window. Well, well! Pooh too. This is a surprise. Do come in and make yourselves comfortable. Am I correct in assuming it is a rather blustery day outside?
PIGLET: Yes, sir, Owl. It's a very, very blustery day outside.
WINNIE THE POOH: Oh, yes. That reminds me. Happy "Winds-day," Owl.
OWL: My good fellow, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a "Winds-day just a gentle spring zephyr.
WINNIE THE POOH: Excuse me, Owl, but is there honey in that pot?
OWL: Oh, yes, yes, of course. Help yourself. Now, as I was saying this is just a mild spring zephyr compared to the big wind of '67. Or was it, uh, '76? Oh, well, no matter. Oh, I remember the big blow well.

Winnie the Pooh part 3
Winnie the Pooh part 3
  Piglet and Owl
Piglet and Owl
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