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Winnie the Pooh 4 Eeyore

Quotes CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: What a pity. Owl, I don't think we will ever be able to fix it. EEYORE: If you ask me, when a house looks like that it's time to find another one. CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: That's a very good idea, Eeyore. EEYORE: Might take a day or two, but I'll find a new one. OWL: Good, that will just give me time to tell you about my Uncle Clyde a very independent barn owl. He didn't give a hoot for tradition. He became enamored of a pussycat and went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat.
NARRATOR: Owl talked from page 41 to page 62. And on page 62, the blustery day turned into a blustery night. To Pooh, it was a very anxious sort of night filled with anxious sorts of noises. And one of the noises was a sound that had never been heard before. WINNIE THE POOH: Ah, is that you, Piglet? Well, tell me about it tomorrow, Eeyore? Oh, come in, Christopher Robin.
NARRATOR: Now Pooh, being a bear of very little brain decided to invite the new sound in.
WINNIE THE POOH: Hello, out there. Oh, I hope nobody answers.
WINNIE THE POOH: Then what's that over there?
TIGGER: Oh, what a strange-looking creature. Look at those beady little eyes, and that "purrposturous" chin and those "rickydiculus" striped pajamas.
WINNIE THE POOH: Looked like another tigger to me.
TIGGER: Oh, no, it's not. I'm the only tigger. Watch me scare the stripes off of this impostor. Is he gone?
WINNIE THE POOH: All except the tail. He's gone. Uh, you can come out now, Tigger. Tigger?
TIGGER: Hello, I'm Tigger.
WINNIE THE POOH: You said that.
TIGGER: Oh? Well, did I say I was hungry?
WINNIE THE POOH: I don't think so.
TIGGER: Well, then I'll say it. I'm hungry.
WINNIE THE POOH: Oh, not for honey, I hope.
TIGGER: Honey! Oh, boy, honey! That's what tiggers like best.
WINNIE THE POOH: I was afraid of that.
TIGGER: Oh, say. Tiggers don't like honey!
WINNIE THE POOH: But you said you that you liked.
TIGGER: That icky, sticky stuff is only fit for "heffalumps" and "woozles".
WINNIE THE POOH: You mean elephants and weasels.
TIGGER: That's what I said, "heffalumps" and "woozles".
WINNIE THE POOH: Well, what do heffa lalla What do they do?
TIGGER: Oh, nothin' much. Just steal honey.
WINNIE THE POOH: Steal honey?
TIGGER: Yeah, they sure do. Well, I'd better be bouncing along now, chum. Cheerio!
NARRATOR: Well, if what Tigger said was true and there really were heffalumps and woozles about there was only one thing to do: Take drastic precautions to protect his precious honey.
WINNIE THE POOH: Oh, hello. Am I glad to see you. It's more friendly with two. Now, you go that way and I'll go this way. You didn't see anything, did you? Neither did I.
NARRATOR: Now, the very blustery night turned into a very rainy night and Pooh kept his lonely vigil hour after hour after hour. Until, at last Pooh fell fast asleep and began to dream. Heffalumps and woozles steal honey. Beware. Beware.
WINNIE THE POOH: Is it raining in there? It's raining out here too.
NARRATOR: As a matter of fact, it was raining all over the Hundred-Acre Wood. There was a thunder storm on page 71. And on page 73, there was a bit of a cloudburst. It rained and it rained and it rained.
NARRATOR: So the Hundred-Acre Wood got floodier and floodier. But the water couldn't come up to Christopher Robin's house so that's where everyone was gathering. It was a time of great excitement. But in the midst of all the excitement Eeyore stubbornly stuck to his task of house-hunting for Owl.

Winnie the Pooh part 4
Winnie the Pooh part 4
  Heffalumps and Woozles
Heffalumps and Woozles
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