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Winnie the Pooh 7 Kanga and Roo

Quotes KANGA: Just a moment, dear. Hold still. Goodness, you're bouncy today. ROO: That's what roos do the best-est. KANGA: Now keep your scarf on. ROO: Not so tight, Mama. KANGA: Is your sweater warm enough? ROO: Yes, Mother. TIGGER: Well, come on, Roo. Let's go! KANGA: Tigger, have Roo home in time for his nap. And be careful!
TIGGER: Don't worry, Mrs. Kanga. I'll take care of the little nipper.
Rabbit: Ah! What a perfect day! Peace and quiet and thank goodness, no Tigger.
TIGGER: Say, look. If it isn't old long-ears.
ROO: Can tiggers ice-skate as fancy as Mr. Rabbit?
TIGGER: Can tiggers ice-skate? Why, that's what tiggers do the best. Whee! Say, this is a cinch. Whee!
Rabbit: Oh, why does it always have to be me? Why?
ROO: Tigger, are you all right?
TIGGER: Tiggers don't like ice skating.

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NARRATOR: So Tigger and Roo went farther into the Hundred-Acre Wood looking for something that tiggers do best.
ROO: I bet you can climb trees, huh, Tigger?
TIGGER: Climb trees? That's what tiggers do best! Only tiggers don't climb trees. They bounce them! Come on, let's go. I almost bounced clear out of the book. Some bouncing, huh? Say, how did this tree get so high?
ROO: Don't swing on a string. It's much too frail. The best kind of swing is a tigger's tail. Whee!
TIGGER: Stop that, kid. Please. You're rocking the forest. Oh, thank goodness. I was just getting seasick from seeing too much.
NARRATOR: Well, we'll just have to leave Tigger up in the tree top for a little while. Because, at the bottom of the next page Pooh is having a problem of his own. PIGLET: What are you doing, Pooh? WINNIE THE POOH: Shh! Tracking something. PIGLET: Tracking what? WINNIE THE POOH: Well, that's what I asked myself, Piglet. What?
PIGLET: And what do you think you'll answer yourself?
WINNIE THE POOH: I shall have to wait until I catch up with it.
PIGLET: Pooh, for a bear of very little brain you sure are a smart one!
WINNIE THE POOH: Thank you, Piglet. Aha, ha!
PIGLET: Oh! Now what?
WINNIE THE POOH: A very mysterious thing, Piglet. A whole new set of tracks. See?
NARRATOR: And so it seemed to be. There were the tracks joining each other here getting mixed up with each other there. But to Pooh, quite plainly, four sets of paw marks.
WINNIE THE POOH: Piglet, whatever it was that made these tracks has now been joined by a whatever it is.
PIGLET: Yes. And all of them are proceeding in company.
WINNIE THE POOH: Piglet, I wasn't exactly expecting company.
PIGLET: Neither was I, Pooh.
NARRATOR: So they went on, feeling a little anxious now in case the animals in front of them were of hostile ntent.
WINNIE THE POOH: Look, look, Piglet there's something in that tree over there.
PIGLET: Is it one of the fiercer animals?
WINNIE THE POOH: Yes. It's a jagular.
PIGLET: What do jagulars do, Pooh?
WINNIE THE POOH: Well, jagulars always call, Halloo! And when you look up, they drop on you.
PIGLET: I'm looking down, Pooh.
ROO: Hey, Tigger, it's Pooh and Piglet. Pooh! Piglet!
WINNIE THE POOH: Why, it's only Tigger and Roo. Come on. Hello, Roo. Hey, what are you and Tigger doing up there?
ROO: I'm all right, but Tigger's stuck.
TIGGER: Help, somebody! Please! Get Christopher Robin.
NARRATOR: Well, it wasn't too long before word got back to Christopher Robin and the others that Tigger was in trouble.

Winnie the Pooh part 7
Winnie the Pooh part 7
  Tigger and Roo
Tigger and Roo
  A very mysterious thing
A very mysterious thing
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