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Winnie the Pooh 8 Tigger

Quotes CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You're next, Tigger. Jump! TIGGER: Jump? Tiggers don't jump. They bounce. WINNIE THE POOH: Then bounce down. TIGGER: Don't be "ridiccorous. Tiggers only bounce up! CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You can climb down, Tigger. TIGGER: Ah, but tiggers can't climb down because, their tails get in the way. RABBIT: Hooray! That settles it. If he won't jump and he can't climb down then we'll just have to leave him up there forever! TIGGER: Forever? Oh, if I ever get out of this I promise never to bounce again, never! NARRATOR: I heard that, Tigger. He promised! Did you hear him promise? I heard him. I heard him! You heard him, didn't you? Didn't you?
NARRATOR: Well, Tigger, your bouncing really got you into trouble this time.
TIGGER: Say, who are you?
NARRATOR: I'm the narrator.
TIGGER: Oh, well, please, for goodness' sakes, narrate me down from here.
NARRATOR: Very well. Hold on tight.
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You can let go now, Tigger.
TIGGER: Never.
NARRATOR: But, Tigger, look for yourself. You'reperfectly safe. What did I tell you, Tigger? Come on. Back we go.
TIGGER: Good old terra firma. Say, I'm so happy, I feel like
RABBIT: You promised.
TIGGER: Oh, I did, didn't I? You mean, I can't ever bounce again?
RABBIT: Never!
TIGGER: Never? Not even just one teensy, weensy bounce?
RABBIT: Not even a smidgen of a bounce.
KANGA: Oh, the poor dear. Oh, that's too bad.
ROO: Christopher Robin, I like the old bouncy Tigger best.
PIGLET: I do too.
ROO: Me too! KANGA: Of course, we all do. Don't you agree, Rabbit? CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Well, Rabbit? RABBIT: Well, what I mean... WINNIE THE POOH: Well?
RABBIT: Well, all right. I guess I like the old Tigger better too.
TIGGER: Oh, boy! You mean, I can have my bounce back? Come on, Rabbit. Let's you and me bounce.
RABBIT: Good heavens! Me bounce? TIGGER: Why, certainly! Look, you've got the feet for it.
RABBIT: I have? TIGGER: Sure. Come on, try it. It makes you feel just great!
RABBIT: Well, say, it does, doesn't it?
TIGGER: Yes, it does. Well, come on, everybody, bounce! Come on, bounce.
NARRATOR: And so, we come to the last chapter in which Christopher Robin and Pooh come to the enchanted place and we say good-bye.
WINNIE THE POOH: Good-bye? Oh, no, please, can't we go back to page one and do it all over again?
NARRATOR: Sorry, Pooh, but all stories have an ending, you know.
WINNIE THE POOH: Oh, bother.
NARRATOR: Yes, the time had come at last. Christopher Robin was going away to school. Nobody else in the forest knew exactly why or where he was going. All they knew was it had something to do with "twice times and how to make things called "A-B-C's and where a place called Brazil is.
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Pooh? What do you like doing best in the world?
WINNIE THE POOH: What I like best is me going to visit you and you saying, How about a smackerel of honey?
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: I like that too. But what I like best is just doing nothing.
WINNIE THE POOH: How do you do just nothing?
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Well it's when grown-ups ask, What are you going to do? And you say, nothing. Then you go out and do it.
WINNIE THE POOH: I like that. Let's do it all the time.
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: You know something, Pooh I'm not going to do just nothing anymore.
WINNIE THE POOH: You mean, never again?
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Well, not so much. Pooh when I'm away just doing nothing will you come up here sometimes?
WINNIE THE POOH: You mean, alone? Just me?
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Yes. And, Pooh, promise you won't forget me ever?
WINNIE THE POOH: Oh, I won't, Christopher, I promise.
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Not even when I'm a hundred?
WINNIE THE POOH: How old shall I be then?
CHRISTOPHER ROBIN: Ninety-nine. Silly old bear.
NARRATOR: Wherever they go and whatever happens to them on the way in that enchanted place on top of the forest a little bear will always be waiting.

Winnie the Pooh part 8
Winnie the Pooh part 8
  Tigger and Rabbit
Tigger and Rabbit
  Let's bounce
Let's bounce
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