Battle Bingo game

against computer by choosing between Regular (five across, down or on diagonal), Bingo X (both diagonals) and Full House (fill every spot on your card)
Rating: 100% (4 reviews) Rating 5
Game controls: Use your mouse
Tips: To take pause, click on Bingo!
Meanwhile, you can check your numbers.
Battle Bingo game


Rating 5  James, Saint Paul, MN, US
Nice graphics! Battle Bingo is pretty good game!

Rating 5  Brad, Austin, TX, US
I prefer to play Bingo X game.

Rating 5  Benjamin, Tulsa, OK, US
Best training for a real Battle Bingo.

Rating 5  Carolin, Stockton, CA, US
I had to be very careful during game because the computer never wrong. My favorite is Bingo Full House.