Castle Defender game

in which you'll find that many intruders have tried to take over the old castle of King Arthur but because of his loyal body guards nobody has ever succeeded.
Rating: 93% (8 reviews) Rating 5
Game controls: Use UP and DOWN arrows keys to aim, then press the SPACE BAR to shoot.
Tips: Do not shoot the monks, or you'll lose points. You can earn an extra 5 points. Stay activ for 5 minutes, no one must get through to the castle. Also, you can download the game or send by email.
Castle Defender game


Rating 5  Barbara, Stockton, CA, US
I spoke with my friend and I gave him the game link.

Rating 5  Brad, Austin, TX, US
Nice animation and very funny.

Rating 5  James, Saint Paul, MN, US
Castle Defender is an awesome game!

Rating 4  Benjamin, Tulsa, OK, US
A charming game online. Castle Defender was loaded very quickly.

Rating 5  Buddy, Aspen, CO, US
I like very much Castle Defender game.

Rating 4  Emily, Summerville, SC, US
Awesome Castle Defender game!

Rating 4  Madison, Passaic, NJ, US
Fun and nice. I want more games with King Arthur.

Rating 5  Tammy, London, UK
Castle Defender is very amusing.