Let's Start the New Year Right

video song from Holiday Inn (1942) film, music and lyrics by Irving Berlin, sung by Bing Crosby as Jim Hardy on New Year's Eve scene with Marjorie Reynolds as Linda Mason
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Lyrics: One minute to midnightOne minute to midnight / One minute to go / One minute to say good-bye / Before we say helloBefore we say hello / Let's start the new year rightLet's start the new year right / Twelve o'clock tonight / When they dim the lightWhen they dim the light / Let's begin / Kissing the old year out / Kissing the new year in / Let's watch the old year die / With a fond good-bye / And our hopes as high / As a kite / How can our love go wrong if / We start the new year right?
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Quotes: LINDA MASON: Look, it's almost time. JIM HARDY: It's practicall straight up, isn't it?
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