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What Am I Bid for My Apple video song

from Morocco (1930) movie, sung by Marlene Dietrich as Mademoiselle Amy Jolly, music by Karl Hajos, lyrics by Leo Robin
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 What am I bid for my apple,
 the fruit that made Adam so wise? 
 On the historic night,  when he took a bite, 
 they discovered a new paradise. 
 An apple, they say, keeps the doctor away, 
 while his pretty young wife 
 has the time of her life, 
 with the butcher, the baker, 
 the candlestick maker... 
 Oh, what am I bid for my apple? 

Pictures from video
Apple keeps doctor away
Apple keeps doctor away
  Historic night
Historic night
Discovered new paradise
Discovered new paradise
  Made Adam wise
Made Adam wise
Quotes from film
LO TINTO: Sing your number once and then sell the apples. That's the most important thing, sell the apples! 10 % is yours, 90 % is mine. You'll make a fortune
AMY JOLLY: We meet once more, monsieur. LA BESSIERE: I didn't anticipate this pleasure so soon. Can I also have an apple? AMY JOLLY: But I have no change for that. LA BESSIERE: I hardly expected you to have. AMY JOLLY: You are again very kind. LA BESSIERE: Mademoiselle, may I have the honour of your company after the performance? AMY JOLLY: I'm sorry. I have disposed for the rest of the evening. LA BESSIERE: Some other time perhaps? AMY JOLLY: Of course. AMY JOLLY: An apple, Monsieur? Madame?
LO TINTO: Don't waste your time down there. There's no money in the pit! AMY JOLLY: Isn't there?
TOM BROWN: Thanks for the flower, Mademoiselle. AMY JOLLY: Can I offer you an apple, too? TOM BROWN: Lend me 20 francs. Two weeks pay is a lot of money for an apple. AMY JOLLY: You can have it for nothing if you like. TOM BROWN: Nothing doing. I always pay for what I get. TOM BROWN: I'd sit down if I were you. AMY JOLLY: You're pretty brave... with women. TOM BROWN: What's the matter? Don't you like brave men? AMY JOLLY: Perhaps. AMY JOLLY: Your change... soldier.

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