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with Jack Nicholson as Melvin Udall, Helen Hunt as Carol Connelly, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Frank Sachs
CAROL CONNELLY: This is for later.
MELVIN UDALL: What's this?
CAROL CONNELLY: It's a note.
CAROL CONNELLY: Yes. A thank-you note.
MELVIN UDALL: Thank-you note? No, no, no.
CAROL CONNELLY: You can read it later.
MELVIN UDALL: No thank-you note. No, no. Thank you. Thank you.
FRANK SACHS: She's nice.
MELVIN UDALL: Really nice. Shouldn't that be a good thing... telling someone, "no thanks required"?
FRANK SACHS: Sure looks like it went over, too. Look at you. You're making the rounds. Simon says you brought him soup last night. What?
MELVIN UDALL: Look at you. You think I'm a mark.
FRANK SACHS: You helped with the dog. I'm as concerned about Simon as you are.
MELVIN UDALL: Concerned?
FRANK SACHS: It's not only financial assistance. He must go to Baltimore to ask his parents for money tomorrow.
MELVIN UDALL: Yeah. If his parents are alive they've got to help, those are the rules.
MELVIN UDALL: Let them help him.
FRANK SACHS: Only... I have a high maintenance selling painter coming through... So I'm out. Can you drive him?
MELVIN UDALL: Think white and get serious!
FRANK SACHS: Take my car? A convertible. Do you drive?
MELVIN UDALL: Like the wind but I'm not doing it.
CAROL CONNELLY: Getting loud.
MELVIN UDALL: He wants me to take his car and his client to Baltimore.
CAROL CONNELLY: I want your life for a minute where my big problem is someone offers me a free convertible so I can get out of this city.
FRANK SACHS: Go ahead, girl.
MELVIN UDALL: Okay. I'll take him. Get him packed ready tomorrow morning. I'll take him.
MELVIN UDALL: Well, so I'll see you tomorrow. Let's not drag this out. We don't enjoy another that much.
FRANK SACHS: If there's some mental health foundation that raises money to help people like you, please be sure to let me know.
MELVIN UDALL: Last word freak.
FRANK SACHS: Good luck, lady.
CAROL CONNELLY: So, anything else?
MELVIN UDALL: Yeah. I'm going to give my queer neighbour a lift to Baltimore.
MELVIN UDALL: Hey, what I did for you is working out?
CAROL CONNELLY: What you did changed my life.
MELVIN UDALL: No! No thank-you note.
CAROL CONNELLY: Well, part of what I said in this entire history of my life which you won't read is that somehow you've done more for my mother, my son and me, than anyone else ever has... And that makes you the most important, surprising, generous person I've ever met in my life and that you be in our daily prayers forever.
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