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with Jack Nicholson as Melvin Udall, Helen Hunt as Carol Connelly, Greg Kinnear as Simon Bishop
CAROL CONNELLY: Can you believe, in our little mix you're the good roommate?
SIMON BISHOP: Good night.
SIMON BISHOP: Hold it. I have to draw you. I have to draw you.
CAROL CONNELLY: No. I'm more shy than people think.
SIMON BISHOP: I have to. I haven't sketched in weeks.
CAROL CONNELLY: Stop staring. Do a vase.
SIMON BISHOP: But you're beautiful, Carol. Your skin, your long neck. The back. The line of you. You're why cavemen chiselled on walls.
CAROL CONNELLY: Cut me a break.

MELVIN UDALL: The next thing I know she's sitting next to me. It's not right to go into details. I got nervous. I said the wrong thing. Where, if I hadn't, I could be in bed now with a woman who... If you make her laugh, you got a life. Instead, I'm here with you. No offence, but a moron pushing the last legal drug. Jameson, soda back.

MELVIN UDALL: I'm coming in. It's late. Did you have sex with her?
CAROL CONNELLY: Don't you want your shampoos?
MELVIN UDALL: Sorry. I didn't know she was still here. Did you have sex with her?
CAROL CONNELLY: To hell with sex. It was better than sex. We held each other. What I need, he gave me great. I'll get dressed in a hurry.
SIMON BISHOP: I just love her.

MELVIN UDALL: Here's the keys to my apartment. Go up there and wait and I'll take Carol home.
CAROL CONNELLY: I'll take a bus.
MELVIN UDALL: No, I'll take you.
CAROL CONNELLY: Can you come here? I don't care what you did for me.
MELVIN UDALL: What's wrong?
CAROL CONNELLY: I don't want to know you any more. All you do is make me feel bad.
CAROL CONNELLY: You have my number.
SIMON BISHOP: Let him take you home.
CAROL CONNELLY: Don't want to. I love you.
SIMON BISHOP: I love you too.
MELVIN UDALL: Don't say anything.
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