Gone With The Wind quote - My funds are in Liverpool, not in Atlanta.

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind - My funds are in Liverpool, not in Atlanta - snapshot picture quote Rhett Butler: My dear little sister. It's all right, Corporal. My sister has brought me no files or saws. Can I really kiss you now? Scarlett: On the forehead like a good brother. Rhett Butler: No, thanks. I'll wait and hope for better things. Scarlett: Oh, Rhett, I was so distressed when I heard you were in jail. I simply couldn't sleep for thinking. It's not true they're going to hang you? Would you be sorry? Oh, Rhett! Rhett Butler: Well, don't worry yet. They have plotted some charge against me but they're really after my money. They think I made off with the Confederate Treasury. Scarlett: Well, did you? Rhett Butler: What a leading question. But let's not talk about sordid things like money. How good of you to come and see me. And how pretty you look. Scarlett: Oh, Rhett, how you do run on, teasing a country girl like me. Rhett Butler: Thank heavens you're not in rags. I'm tired of seeing women in rags. Turn around. You look good enough to eat. And prosperous, too. Scarlett: Thank you, I've been doing very well. Everybody's doing well at Tara, only I got
so bored I just thought I'd treat myself to a visit to town. Rhett Butler: You're a heartless creature. But that's part of your charm. You know you've got more charm than the law allows. Scarlett: Now I didn't come here to talk silliness about me, Rhett. I came because I was so miserable at the thought of you in trouble. I was mad at you the night you left me on the road to Tara and I still haven't forgiven you. Rhett Butler: Oh, Scarlett, don't say that. Scarlett: Well, I must admit I might not be alive now, only for you. And when I think of myself with everything I could possibly hope for and not a care in the world, and you here in this horrid jail and not even a human jail, Rhett, a horse jail. Oh, listen to me trying to make jokes when when I really want to cry. In a minute I shall cry. Rhett Butler: Scarlett, can it be possible that. Scarlett: Can what be possible, Rhett? Rhett Butler quote: That you've grown a woman's heart, a real woman's heart? Scarlett: I have, Rhett. I know I have. Rhett Butler: You know, it's worth being in jail just to hear you say that. It's well worth it. You can drop the moonlight and magnolias, Scarlett. So things have been going well at Tara, have they? What have you done with your hands? Scarlett: I went riding last week without my gloves. Rhett Butler: These don't belong to a lady. You've worked with them like a field hand. Why did you lie? What are you up to? In another minute, I'd almost believe you cared something. Scarlett: But I do care. Rhett Butler: Suppose we get down to the truth. You want something from me badly enough to put on quite a show in your velvets. What is it? Money? Scarlett: I want $300 to pay the taxes on Tara. I did lie to you when I said everything was all right. Things are just as bad as they possibly could be. And you've got millions, Rhett. Rhett Butler: What collateral are you offering? Scarlett: My earbobs. Rhett Butler: Not interested. Scarlett quote: A mortgage on Tara. Rhett Butler: What would I do with a farm? Scarlett: You wouldn't lose. I'd pay you back out of next year's cotton. Rhett Butler: Not good enough. Have you nothing better? Scarlett: You once said you loved me. If you still love me, Rhett. Rhett Butler: You haven't forgotten that I'm not a marrying man? Scarlett: No, I haven't forgotten. Rhett Butler: You're not worth $300. You'll never mean anything but misery to any man. Scarlett: Go on, insult me. I don't care what you say, only give me the money. I won't let Tara go. I can't let it go while there's a breath left in my body. Oh, Rhett. Won't you please give me the money? Rhett Butler: I couldn't give you the money if I wanted to. My funds are in Liverpool, not in Atlanta. If I tried drawing a draft, the Yankees'd be on me like a duck on a June bug. So you see, my dear, you've abased yourself to no purpose. Here, here, here, stop it! Want the Yankees to see you like this? Scarlett: Take your hands off me, you skunk. You knew what I was going to say before I started. You knew you wouldn't lend me the money and yet you let me go on. Rhett Butler: I enjoyed hearing what you had to say. Cheer up. You can come to my hanging and I'll remember you in my will. Scarlett: I'll come to your hanging. The only thing I'm afraid of is that they won't hang you in time to pay the taxes on Tara. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind