Gone With The Wind quote - Old Sullivan place.

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Olivia de Havilland as Melanie Wilkes, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes, Harry Davenport as Dr. Meade, Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Alicia Rhett as India Wilkes, Leona Roberts as Mrs. Meade, Hattie McDaniel as Mammy, and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind -Old Sullivan place - snapshot picture quote Rhett Butler: Lock that door. Pull down the shades. Scarlett quote: Ashley. Dr. Meade: He's all right. It's only in the shoulder. Get him on the bed where I can dress the wound. Ashley Wilkes: I think I can walk. It's not worth the effort. Rhett Butler: Which way? Melanie Wilkes: In here. Dr. Meade quote: Mammy, I want some hot water. Mammy quote: Yes, sir. Dr. Meade: And lint for bandages. India Wilkes quote: I'll find some. Dr. Meade: Now what can I use for a probe? If I only had my bag. Mrs. Meade quote: Were you really there? What did it look like? Does she have cut-glass chandeliers, plush curtains and dozens of mirrors? Dr. Meade: Good heavens, Mrs. Meade, remember yourself. Melanie Wilkes: Now, Capt. Butler, tell me what happened, all that happened. Rhett Butler quote: I was too late. When I got to the old Sullivan place there'd already been a skirmish with the Yankees. I found Mr. Wilkes wounded and Dr. Meade was with him. I had to prove they had been somewhere, anyplace but where they were. So I took them to Belle's.
Melanie Wilkes: And she took them in? Rhett Butler: She's by way of being an old friend of mine. Melanie Wilkes quote: Oh, I'm sorry. Rhett Butler: I'm sorry I couldn't think up a more dignified alibi. Melanie Wilkes: This isn't the first time you've come between me and disaster, Capt. Butler. It isn't likely that I'd question any device of yours. And now I'll go and see what Dr. Meade needs. Scarlett: Oh, Ashley! Ashley! Rhett Butler: Have you no interest in what's become of your own husband, Mrs. Kennedy? Scarlett: Did Frank go with you to Belle Watling's? Rhett Butler: No. Scarlett: Well, where is he? Rhett Butler: He's lying out on Decatur Road shot through the head. He's dead. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind