Gone With The Wind quote - Woman who saved my husband's life

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Olivia de Havilland as Melanie, Ona Munson as Belle Watling, and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind - Woman who saved my husband's life - snapshot picture quote Melanie Wilkes: Who is it? Belle Watling: It's Miss Watling. Melanie Wilkes quote: Oh, Miss Watling! Won't you come in the house? Belle Watling: Oh, no, I couldn't do that, Miss Wilkes. You come in and sit a minute with me. Melanie Wilkes: How can I thank you enough for what you did for us? How can any of us thank you enough? Belle Watling: I got your note saying you was going to call on me and thank me. Why, Miss Wilkes, you must have lost your mind. I come up here as soon as it was dark to tell you you mustn't even think of any such thing. Why, I'm Why, you're Well, it wouldn't be fitting at all. Melanie Wilkes: It wouldn't be fitting to thank a kind woman who saved my husband's life? Belle Watling: Miss Wilkes, there ain't never been a lady in this town nice to me like you was.
I mean, about the money for the hospital, you know. And I don't forget a kindness. And I got to thinking about you being left a widow with a little boy if Mr. Wilkes got hung and he's a nice little boy, your boy is, Miss Wilkes. I got a boy myself and so I... Melanie Wilkes: Oh, you have? Does he live... Belle Watling quote: Oh, no, ma'am, he ain't here in Atlanta. He ain't never been here. He's off at school. I ain't seen him since he was little. Well, anyway, if it had been that Miss Kennedy's husband by himself I wouldn't have lifted a finger, no matter what Capt. Butler said. She's a mighty cold woman. Prancing about Atlanta by herself. Melanie Wilkes: You mustn't say unkind things about my sister-in-law. Belle Watling: Please don't freeze me, Miss Wilkes. I forgot how you liked her. But she just ain't in the same class with you and I can't help it if I think so. Well, anyway, I got to be going. I'm scared somebody'll recognize this carriage if I stayed here any longer. That wouldn't do you no good. And, Miss Wilkes if you ever see me on the street, you don't have to speak to me. I'll understand. Melanie Wilkes: I should be proud to speak to you. Proud to be under obligation to you. I hope we meet again. Belle Watling: Oh, no, ma'am, that wouldn't be fitting. Good night, Miss Wilkes. Melanie Wilkes: Good night, Miss Watling. And you're wrong about Mrs. Kennedy. She's brokenhearted about her husband. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind