Gone With The Wind quote - Have a drink of sherry, Mammy.

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Hattie McDaniel as Mammy, Olivia de Havilland as Melanie, Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind - Have a drink of sherry, Mammy - snapshot picture quote Rhett Butler: But that's ridiculous. Why can't I go in? I'm entitled to at least see what my own child looks like. Mammy: You control yourself, Mr. Rhett. You'll be seeing it for a long time. I'd like to apologize, Mr. Rhett, about it's not being a boy. Rhett Butler quote: Oh, hush your mouth, Mammy. Who wants a boy? Boys aren't any use to anybody. Don't you think I'm proof of that? Have a drink of sherry, Mammy. Mammy, she is beautiful, isn't she? Mammy: She sure is. Rhett Butler: Did you ever see a prettier one? Mammy: Well, sir, Miss Scarlett was mighty nigh that pretty when she come, but not quite. Rhett Butler: Have another glass, Mammy. What's that rustling noise I hear? Mammy: Lordsy, Mr. Rhett. That ain't nothing but my red silk petticoat you done give me. Rhett Butler: Nothing but your petticoat? I don't believe it. Let me see. Pull up your skirt.
Mammy: Mr. Rhett, you is bad. Yeah, oh, Lord! Rhett Butler: You sure took a long enough time about wearing it. Mammy: Yes, sir, too long. Rhett Butler: No more mule in horse's harness? Mammy quote: Mr. Rhett, Miss Scarlett was bad telling you about that. You ain't holding that against old Mammy, is you? Rhett Butler: No, I ain't holding it against you. I just wanted to know. Have another glass, Mammy. Here, take the whole bottle. Melanie: Dr. Meade says you may go in now, Capt. Butler. Mammy: This sure is a happy day to me. I done diapered three generations of this family's girls and it sure is a happy day. Melanie quote: Oh, yes, Mammy. The happiest days are when babies come. I wish Oh, Mammy, she's beautiful. What do you suppose they'll name her? Mammy: Miss Scarlett done told me if it was a girl she's going to name it Eugenie Victoria. Rhett Butler: Yes she's a beautiful baby the most beautiful baby ever. Yes. Do you know that this is your birthday? That you're a week old today? Yes, I'm going to buy her a pony the likes of which this town has never seen. Yes, I'm gonna send her to the best schools in Charleston. Yes. And her'll be received by the best families in the South. And when it comes time for her to marry well, she'll be a little princess. Scarlett: You certainly are making a fool of yourself. Rhett Butler: And why shouldn't I? She's the first person who's ever completely belonged to me. Scarlett quote: Great balls of fire! I had the baby, didn't I? Melanie: It's Melanie. May I come in? Scarlett: Come in, Melly. Rhett Butler: Yes, come in and look at my daughter's beautiful blue eyes. Melanie: But, Capt. Butler, most babies have blue eyes when they're born. Scarlett: Don't try to tell him anything. He knows everything about babies. Rhett Butler: Nevertheless, her eyes are blue and they're going to stay blue. Melanie: As blue as the Bonnie Blue Flag. Rhett Butler: That's it. That's what we'll call her. Bonnie Blue Butler. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind