Gone With The Wind quote - I always dream the same dream.

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind - I always dream the same dream - snapshot picture quote Rhett Butler: What are you thinking about, Scarlett? Scarlett quote: I'm thinking about how rich we are. Rhett, I can keep the lumber business too, can't I? Rhett Butler: Yes, of course you can, if it amuses you. Now that you're rich you can tell everyone to go to the devil as you've always said you wanted to. Scarlett: But you were the main one I wanted to go to the devil. Rhett Butler quote: Don't scrape the plate, Scarlett. I'm sure there's more in the kitchen. Scarlett: Rhett, can I have one of those chocolate ones stuffed with meringue? Rhett Butler: If you don't stop being such a glutton, you'll get as fat as Mammy. Then I'll divorce you. Wouldn't it be nice if you bought something for Mammy, too? Scarlett: Why should I buy her a present when she called us both mules?
Rhett Butler: Mules? Why mules? Scarlett: Yes, she said we could give ourselves airs, and get ourselves all slicked up like racehorses but we were just mules in horse harness and we didn't fool anybody. Rhett Butler: I never heard anything more true. Mammy's a smart old soul and one of the few people I know whose respect I'd like to have. Scarlett: I won't give her a thing. She doesn't deserve it. Rhett Butler: Then I'll take her a petticoat. My Mammy always said when she went to heaven she wanted a red taffeta petticoat, so stiff that it would stand by itself and so rustly, the Lord would think it was made of angels' wings. Scarlett: Well, she won't take it from you. She'd rather die than wear it. Rhett Butler: That may be, but I'm making the gesture just the same. Wake up! Wake up! You were having another nightmare. Scarlett: Oh, Rhett. I was so cold and hungry and so tired I couldn't find it. I ran through the mist and I couldn't find it. Rhett Butler: Find what, honey? Scarlett: I don't know. I always dream the same dream and I never know. It seems to be hidden in the mist. Rhett Butler: Darling. Scarlett: Rhett, do you think I'll ever dream that I've found it and that I'm safe? Rhett Butler: Dreams don't work that way, but when you get used to being safe and warm you'll stop dreaming that dream. And, Scarlett, I'm going to see that you are safe. Scarlett: Would you do something for me if I asked you? Rhett Butler: You know I would. Scarlett: Will you take me away from here? Rhett Butler: Don't you like New Orleans? Scarlett: I love New Orleans, but I want to go home and visit Tara. Will you take me to Tara? Rhett Butler: Yes, Scarlett, of course I will. We'll go tomorrow. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind