Gone With The Wind quote - Don't look back.

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind - Don't look back - snapshot picture quote Ashley Wilkes: Why, Scarlett! What are you doing downtown at this time of day? Scarlett: Ashley, I just... Ashley: Why aren't you helping Melly get ready for my surprise birthday party? Scarlett: Why, Ashley Wilkes, you aren't supposed to know anything about that. Melly'd be so disappointed if you weren't surprised. Ashley Wilkes quote: I won't let on. I'll be the most surprised man in Atlanta. As long as you're here, let me show you the books so you can see just how bad a businessman I really am. Scarlett quote: Oh, don't let's fool with any books today. When I'm wearing a new bonnet, all the figures I ever knew go right slap out of my head. Ashley: The figures are well lost when the bonnet's as pretty as that one. Scarlett, you know, you get prettier all the time.
You haven't changed a bit since the day of our last barbecue at Twelve Oaks where you sat under a tree surrounded by dozens of beaux. Scarlett: That girl doesn't exist anymore. Nothing's turned out as I expected, Ashley. Nothing. Ashley: Yes, we've traveled a long road since the old days, haven't we, Scarlett? Oh, the lazy days the warm, still country twilights the high, soft Negro laughter from the quarters the golden warmth and security of those days. Scarlett: Don't look back, Ashley. Don't look back. It drags at your heart till you can't do anything but look back. Ashley Wilkes: I didn't mean to make you sad, my dear. I never want you to be anything but completely happy. Scarlett: Oh, Ashley! >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind