Gone With The Wind quote - Face as long as you live.

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett Butler, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind - Face as long as you live - snapshot picture quote Scarlett Butler: Who is it? Rhett Butler quote: Only your husband. Scarlett Butler: Come in. Rhett Butler: Am I actually being invited into the sanctuary? You're not ready for Melanie's party. Scarlett Butler: I've got a headache, Rhett. You go without me and make my excuses to Melanie. Rhett Butler: What a white-livered little coward you are. Get up. You're going to that party and you'll have to hurry. Scarlett Butler: Has India dared to... Rhett Butler: Yes. India has! Every woman and man in town knows the story! Scarlett Butler: You should them, spreading lies. Rhett Butler: I have a strange way of not people who tell the truth. There's no time to argue. Get up! Scarlett Butler: I won't go! I can't go till this misunderstanding is cleared up.
Rhett Butler: Don't cheat Melly out of the satisfaction of publicly ordering you out of her house. Scarlett Butler: There was nothing wrong. India hates me so. I can't go, Rhett. I couldn't face it. Rhett Butler: If you don't go, you won't be able to show your face as long as you live. That wouldn't bother me, but you won't ruin Bonnie's chances. You're going to that party, if only for her sake. Now get dressed! Wear that! Nothing modest or matronly will do for this occasion. And put on plenty of rouge. I want you to look your part tonight. Rhett Butler: Good night, Scarlett. Scarlett Butler quote: But Rhett, you can't You go into the arena alone. Rhett Butler: The lions are hungry for you. Scarlett Butler: Oh, Rhett, don't leave me. Don't. Rhett Butler: You're not afraid? >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind