Gone With The Wind quote - Every woman wants a baby.

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Olivia de Havilland as Melly, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, Hattie McDaniel as Mammy,Vivien Leigh as Scarlett Butler, Laura Hope Crews as Aunt Pittypat, and his quote snapshot picture

  Gone With The Wind - Every woman wants a baby - snapshot picture quote Rhett Butler: Is she better? Has she asked for me? Aunt Pittypat quote: Don't you understand? She's delirious. Scarlett quote: Rhett. I want Rhett. Mammy quote: What's the matter, honey? Did you call somebody, child? Scarlett: It's no use. It's no use. Melanie: Dr. Meade's left. Rhett Butler: Scarlett's dead! Melanie: Oh, no, she's much better. Really, she is. There, there, Capt. Butler. You're beside yourself. She'll very soon be well again, I promise you. Rhett Butler: No, you don't understand. She never wanted this baby. Not want a baby? Melanie quote: Why, every woman wants a baby! Rhett Butler: Yes, you want children, but she doesn't. Not my children. She told me she didn't want any more children and I wanted to hurt her because she'd hurt me. I wanted to and I did. Melanie: Hush. You mustn't tell me these things. It's not fit. Rhett Butler: I didn't know about this baby until the other day when she fell. If I'd known, I'd have come home whether she wanted me or not!
Melanie: Well, of course you would. Rhett Butler: And then when she told me, there on the steps, what did I do? What did I say? I laughed and I said... Melanie: But you didn't mean it. I know you didn't mean it. Rhett Butler: Oh, but I did mean it. I was crazy with jealousy. She's never cared for me. I thought I could make her care, but I couldn't. Melanie: You're so wrong. Scarlett loves you a great deal, much more than she knows. Rhett Butler: If that were only true I could wait forever. If she'd only forgive me, forget this ever happened. Melanie: She will. You must be patient. Rhett Butler: Oh, no, it's not possible. You don't understand. If you only knew who she really loved you wouldn't believe it. Melanie: Surely you haven't listened to idle gossip. No, Capt. Butler, I wouldn't believe it. There, there. Scarlett's going to get well and there can be other babies. Rhett Butler: No, she couldn't even if she wanted to, after what she's been through. Melanie: But of course she could. I'm going to. Rhett Butler: No, Miss Melly, you mustn't risk it. It's too dangerous. Melanie: Children are life-renewing itself, Capt. Butler and when life does that, danger seems very unimportant. Rhett Butler quote: I've never before known anyone who was really brave. I pray God things go well with you, Miss Melly. And I want to thank you for all you've done for me and for Scarlett. From my heart, I thank you. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind