Gone With The Wind quote - For the benefit of the cause

Quote from Gone With The Wind with with Laura Hope Crews as Aunt Pittypat, Harry Davenport as Dr. Meade, Leona Roberts as Mrs. Meade, Jane Darwell as Mrs. Merriwether, and his quote snapshot picture
Gone With The Wind - I'm For the benefit of the cause - snapshot picture quote Dr. Meade quote: And now, ladies and gentlemen I have a startling surprise for the benefit of the hospital. Gentlemen, if you wish to lead the opening reel with the lady of your choice you must bid for her. Mrs. Merriwether quote: Caroline Meade, how can you permit your husband to conduct this this slave auction? Mrs. Meade quote: Dolly Merriwether, how dare you criticize me! Melanie Wilkes told the doctor that if it's for the benefit of the cause, it's quite all right. Mrs. Merriwether: She did! Aunt Pittypat quote: Oh dear, oh dear. Where are my smelling salts? I think I shall faint. Mrs. Merriwether: Don't you dare faint, Pittypat Hamilton. If Melanie says it's all right, it is all right. Dr. Meade: Come, gentlemen, do I hear your bids? Make your offers. Don't be bashful, gentlemen. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind