Gone With The Wind quote - Too young to be a widow

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Barbara O'Neil as Ellen O'Hara, Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Hattie McDaniel as Mammy, and his quote snapshot picture
Gone With The Wind - I'm too young to be a widow - snapshot picture quote Mammy: Miss Scarlett! Scarlett Hamilton: Well, I don't care. I'm too young to be a widow. Mammy: Miss Scarlett! Scarlett Hamilton: Why, I'd just go around scaring people in that thing. Mammy quote: You ain't supposed to be around people. You's in mourning. Scarlett Hamilton quote: For what? I don't feel anything. Why should I have to pretend and pretend What is it? Ellen O'Hara: Oh, baby What is it? Scarlett Hamilton: My life is over. Nothing will ever happen to me anymore. Oh, Mother. I know you'll think I'm horrible, but I just can't bear going around in black. It's bad enough not being able to go to any parties but looking this way, too. Ellen O'Hara: I don't think you're at all horrible. It's only natural to want to look young and be young when you are young. Oh, baby How would you like to go visiting somewhere? Savannah, perhaps? Scarlett Hamilton: What would I do in Savannah? Ellen O'Hara quote: Well, Atlanta, then. There's lots going on there. And you could stay with Melanie and her Aunt Pittypat. Scarlett Hamilton: Melanie. Yes, I could, couldn't I? Oh, Mother, you're sweet to me, sweeter than anybody in the world. Ellen O'Hara: You'd like it, really? All right then. Now stop your crying and smile. You can take Prissy with you. Start packing Miss Scarlett's things, Mammy. I'll go write the necessary letters. Scarlett Hamilton: Atlanta! Mammy: Savannah would be better for you. You'd just get in trouble in Atlanta. Scarlett Hamilton: What trouble are you talking about? Mammy: You know what trouble I's talking about. I's talking about Mr. Ashley Wilkes. He'll come to Atlanta when he gets his leave and you're sitting there waiting for him like a spider! Scarlett Hamilton: He belongs to Miss Melanie. You go pack my things like Mother said. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind