Gone With The Wind quote - To wish Ashley a Merry Christmas

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Olivia de Havilland as Melanie Hamilton, Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes, Laura Hope Crews as Aunt Pittypat, and his quote snapshot picture
Gone With The Wind - I'm To wish Ashley a Merry Christmas - snapshot picture quote Aunt Pittypat quote: Let's not talk about the war. It's Christmas. Let's talk about Twelve Oaks, and Tara, and all the times before the war. Scarlett Hamilton quote: Can we have the wine, Aunt Pittypat? Aunt Pittypat: Why did you say there wasn't enough, Uncle Peter? There's plenty. It's the very last of my father's fine Madeira. He got it from his uncle, Admiral Will Hamilton of Savannah who married his cousin, Jessica Carroll of Carrollton who was his second cousin once removed and a kin to the Wilkeses, too. I saved it to wish Ashley a Merry Christmas. But you mustn't drink it all at once because it is the last. Ashley quote: I meant it, my dear. It was a lovely Christmas gift. Only generals have tunics like this nowadays. Melanie quote: I'm so happy you like it, dear. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind