Gone With The Wind quote - You should be kissed, and often

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, and his quote snapshot picture

Gone With The Wind - You should be kissed, and often - snapshot picture quote
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Rhett Butler quote: It's my duty to our brave boys at the front to keep our girls at home looking pretty. Scarlett Hamilton: Oh, it's so long since I've had anything new. How do I look? Rhett Butler: Awful! Just awful. Why, what's the matter? This war has stopped being a joke when a girl like you doesn't know how to wear the latest fashion. Scarlett Hamilton: Oh, Rhett, let me do it. But, Rhett, I don't know how I'd dare wear it. Rhett Butler: You will, though. And another thing. Those pantalets. I don't know a woman in Paris who wears pantalets anymore. Scarlett Hamilton: Oh, what do they. You shouldn't talk about such things. Rhett Butler: You little hypocrite. You don't mind my knowing about them, just my talking. Scarlett Hamilton: I really can't go on accepting these gifts, though you are awfully kind. Rhett Butler: I'm not kind. I'm just tempting you. I never give anything without expecting something in return. I always get paid. Scarlett Hamilton: If you think I'll marry you to pay for the bonnet, I won't. Rhett Butler: Don't flatter yourself. I'm not a marrying man. Scarlett Hamilton: Well, I won't kiss you for it, either. Rhett Butler: Open your eyes and look at me. No, I don't think I will kiss you although you need kissing badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed, and often. And by someone who knows how. Scarlett Hamilton quote: Oh, and I suppose you think you're the proper person. Rhett Butler: I might be, if the right moment ever came. Scarlett Hamilton: You're a conceited, black-hearted varmint, Rhett Butler. And I don't know why I let you come and see me. Rhett Butler: I'll tell you why, Scarlett. Because I'm the only man over 16 and under 60 who's around to show you a good time. But cheer up, the war can't last much longer. Scarlett Hamilton: Really, Rhett? Why? Rhett Butler: There's a battle going on right now that ought to pretty well fix things one way or the other. Scarlett Hamilton: Oh, Rhett. Is Ashley in it? Rhett Butler: You haven't gotten the wooden-headed Mr. Wilkes out of your mind. Yes, I suppose he's in it. Scarlett Hamilton: Oh, but tell me, Rhett, where is it? Rhett Butler: Some little town in Pennsylvania called Gettysburg. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind