Gone With The Wind quote - You've got to stay for Melanie

Quote from Gone With The Wind with with Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Harry Davenport as Dr. Meade, Laura Hope Crews as Aunt Pittypat, Butterfly McQueen, as Prissy, Eddie Anderson as Uncle Peter, and his quote snapshot picture
  Gone With The Wind - You've got to stay for Melanie - snapshot picture quote Aunt Pittypat quote: Uncle Peter, look out for that trunk! Scarlett: But, Aunt Pitty, you aren't leaving? Aunt Pittypat: I may be a coward, but oh, dear! Yankees in Georgia! Scarlett: I'm going, too. Prissy, go pack my things. Get them, quick! Wait, Aunt Pitty, I won't be a minute. Aunt Pittypat: Scarlett, do you really think you ought to? Dr. Meade quote: Scarlett! What is this? You ain't planning on running away? Scarlett: And don't you dare try to stop me. I'm never going back to that hospital. I've had enough of smelling death and rot and death. I'm going home. I want my mother. My mother needs me. Dr. Meade: Now you've got to listen to me. You must stay here! Aunt Pittypat: Without a chaperon, Dr. Meade? It simply isn't done! Dr. Meade: Good heavens, woman, this is war, not a garden party! You've got to stay. Melanie needs you. Oh, bother Melanie. She's ill already. She shouldn't even be having a baby. She may have a difficult time. Scarlett: Can't we take her along? Dr. Meade: Do you want her to take that chance? To be jounced over rough roads and have her baby ahead of time, in a buggy? Scarlett: It isn't my baby! You take care of her! Dr. Meade: Scarlett! We haven't enough doctors much less nurses to look after a sick woman. You've got to stay for Melanie. Scarlett: What for? I don't know anything about babies being born! Prissy quote: I knows, I knows. I knows how to do it. I's done it lots and lots. Let me, Doctor, let me. I can do everything. Dr. Meade: Good. Then I'll rely on you to help us. Prissy: Yes, Doctor. Dr. Meade: Ashley's fighting in the field, fighting for the cause. He may never come back. He may die. Scarlett, we owe him a well-born child. Scarlett: Ashley. Aunt Pittypat: If you're coming, Scarlett, hurry! Scarlett quote: I promised Ashley something. Dr. Meade: Then you'll stay? Good. Go along, Miss Pittypat. Scarlett's staying. Aunt Pittypat: Go on, Uncle Peter. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind