Gone With The Wind quote - I want to go home to Tara!

Quote from Gone With The Wind with Olivia de Havilland as Melanie, Vivien Leigh as Scarlett, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, Butterfly McQueen as Prissy, and his quote snapshot picture
  Gone With The Wind - I want to go home to Tara! - snapshot picture quote Rhett Butler quote: Don't tell me you're frightened. Scarlett: I'm scared to death. If you had the sense of a goat, you'd be scared too. Oh, the Yankees. No, not yet. Rhett Butler: That's what's left of our Army, blowing up the ammunition so the Yankees won't get it. Scarlett: We've got to get out of here. Rhett Butler: At your service, madam. Just where are you figuring on going? Scarlett: Home, to Tara. Rhett Butler: They've been fighting all day around Tara. Do you think you can parade through the Yankee Army with a sick woman, a baby, and a simple-minded darky or do you intend leaving them behind? Scarlett: They're going with me. I'm going home. You can't stop me! Don't you know it's dangerous jouncing Mrs. Wilkes over miles of open country? Scarlett quote: I want my mother! I want to go home to Tara! Rhett Butler: Tara's probably been burned to
the ground. The woods are full of stragglers from both armies. The least they'll do is take the horse away from you. It isn't much of an animal, but I had trouble stealing it. Scarlett: I'm going home if I have to walk every step of the way. if you try to stop me. I will, I will! I will! Rhett Butler: All right, darling, all right. Now you shall go home. I guess anybody who did what you've done today can take care of Sherman. Here, now. Stop crying. Now blow your nose like a good little girl. Scarlett: Prissy! What are you doing? Prissy quote: I's packing, Miss Scarlett. Scarlett: Stop it and come get the baby. Prissy: Yes, ma'am. Rhett Butler: Mrs. Wilkes, we're taking you to Tara. Melanie: Tara. Scarlett: It's the only way, Melly. No. Sherman will burn the house over our heads if we stay. It's all right, Melly. Melanie: My baby. My poor baby. Rhett Butler: Have you the strength to put your arms around my neck? Melanie: I think so. Rhett Butler: Never mind. Melanie quote: Oh, Ashley, Charles... Rhett Butler: What is it? What does she want? Scarlett: Ashley's picture, Charles' sword. She wants us to bring them. Rhett Butler: Get them. Scarlett: What's that? Rhett Butler: Our gallant lads must have set fire to the warehouses near the depot. There's enough ammunition in the boxcars to blow us to Tara. We'll have to hurry to get across the tracks. Scarlett: You're not going that way! Rhett Butler: We have to. The McDonough Road's the only one the Yankees haven't cut yet. Scarlett: Oh, wait. I forgot to lock the front door. What are you laughing at? Rhett Butler: At you, locking the Yankees out. >>> more quotes from Gone With The Wind