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Swedish-German actress, Ingrid BergmanIngrid Bergman ranked #4 female movie star legend in the history of American cinema by The American Film Institute, was born on in Stockholm, to a Swedish father, Justus Samuel Bergman, and a German mother, Friedel Adler. After school graduation, the lonely and shy girl decided to become an actress. In 1934 she debuted in the Swedish film Munkbrogreven (1935). She soon rose to stardom and by 1936 was Sweden's leading film star. In May 1939 she arrived in New York to do a remake of Intermezzo (A Love Story). In Casablanca (1942) premiered and made her a star of the first rank. Her acting in her next film, For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943), won her an Academy Award nomination. In 1943 she began working on Gaslight (1944), which won her the 1944 Academy Award. She followed that film with such classics as Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound (1945) with Gregory Peck and Notorious (1946) with Cary Grant. She returned to Europe after her affair with Italian director Roberto Rossellini. From 1951 to 1955 she and her husband did a series of films that were ahead of their time but were generally not received well. Tired and convinced that she would never make a successful film with Rosselini, she returned to Hollywood and triumphed in Anastasia (1956), for which she received another Oscar. She received a third Academy Awards for her role in Murder on the Orient Express (1974). She and Roberto Rossellini made 6 movies together. In 1960 she became the third performer to win the Triple Crown of Acting. In 1978 she starred in Ingmar Bergman's Höstsonaten (1978), probably her best film from an artistic standpoint. Her last role was in the television film A Woman Called Golda (1982). She died in London on August 30, 1982, the day after having a small birthday party with a few friends.

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Dr. Petter Aron Lindström (1937 - 1950; divorced) - 1 child: Pia Lindström (born 1938)
Roberto Rossellini (1950 - 1957; divorced) - 3 children: Roberto Ingmar Rosselini (1950); twin girls Isabella Rossellini and Isotta Rossellini, (1952)
Lars Schmidt (1958 - 1975; divorced)


"I've gone from saint to whore and back to saint again, all in one lifetime."
"I have no regrets. I wouldn't have lived my life the way I did if I was going to worry about what people were going to say."
"I don't regret a thing I've done. I only regret the things I didn't do."
"Happiness is good health and a bad memory."
"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous."


1935 "Munkbrogreven" as Elsa Edlund
1935 "Bränningar" as Karin Ingman
1935 "Swedenhielms" as Astrid
1936 "Intermezzo" as Anita Hoffman
1938 "Dollar" as Julia Balzar
1938 "Die vier Gesellen" as Marianne Kruge
1938 "En kvinnas ansikte" as Anna Holm
1939 "En enda natt" as Eva Beckman
1939 "Intermezzo: A Love Story" as Anita Hoffman
1940 "Juninatten" as Kerstin Norbäc
1941 "Adam Had Four Sons" as Emilie Gallatin
1941 "Rage in Heaven" as Stella Bergen
1941 "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" as Ivy Peterson
1942 "Casablanca" as Ilsa Lund
1943 "For Whom the Bell Tolls" as María
1944 "Gaslight" as Paula Alquist
1945 "Spellbound" as Dr. Constance Petersen
1945 "Saratoga Trunk" as Clio Dulaine
1945 "The Bells of St. Mary's" as Sister Mary Benedict
1946 "Notorious" as Alicia Huberman
1948 "Arch of Triumph" as Joan Madou
1948 "Joan of Arc" as Joan of Arc
1949 "Under Capricorn" as Lady Henrietta Flusky
1950 "Stromboli" as Karin
1952 "Europa '51" as Irene Girard
1954 "Viaggio in Italia" as Katherine Joyce
1954 "La paura" as Irene Wagner
1954 "Giovanna d'Arco al rogo" as Joan of Arc
1956 "Elena et les hommes" as Elena Sokorowska
1956 "Anastasia" as Anna Koreff Anastasia
1958 "Indiscreet" as Anna Kalman
1958 "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness" as Gladys Aylward
1961 "Goodbye Again" as Paula Tessier
1963 "I Hedda Gableras" as Hedda Gabler
1964 "The Visit" as Karla Zachanassian
1964 "The Yellow Rolls-Royce" as Gerda Millett
1967 "Stimulantia" as Mathilde Hartman
1969 "Cactus Flower" as Stephanie Dickinson
1970 "A Walk in the Spring Rain" as Libby Meredith
1973 "From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler" as Mrs. Frankweiler
1974 "Murder on the Orient Express" as Greta
1976 "A Matter of Time" as Contessa Sanziani
1978 "Höstsonaten" as Charlotte Andergast
1982 "A Woman Called Golda" as Golda Meir

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Her mother died when she was only 3 years old and her father died when she was 13. She and her third husband, Lars Schmidt, spent 20 years living on the island of Dannholmen, off the coast of Sweden.


A Matter of Time (1976) $250,000 ; Murder on the Orient Express (1974) $100,000 ; Cactus Flower (1969) $800,000 ; The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964) $275,000 ; Indiscreet (1958) $75,000.00 + 10% of gross profits above $4,000,000 ; Anastasia (1956) $250,000 ; Stromboli (1950) $175,000 plus 40% of net profits; Joan of Arc (1948) $245,000 ; Arch of Triumph (1948) $175,000 + 25% of net profits; Gaslight (1944) $75,156 ; For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) $31,770 ; Casablanca (1942) $25,000 ; Rage in Heaven (1941) $34,000 ; Intermezzo: A Love Story (1939) $20,000 ; Munkbrogreven (1935) SEK 1,000

Awards and nominations

Bergman was only the second actress to win three Academy Awards for acting: two for Best Actress, and one for Best Supporting Actress. She is tied for second place of Oscars won, with Jack Nicholson, Walter Brennan, Meryl Streep, and Daniel Day-Lewis. Bergman won the inaugural Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her portrayal of Joan of Arc in Joan of Lorraine.


Ranked #4 woman in the AFI's "The 50 greatest american screen legends"

Her luck was as phenomenal as her talent. In New York City, a Swedish couple praised a film of hers to their son, an elevator operator in the apartment building where one of film producer David O. Selznick's young talent scouts lived. Six months later, Ingrid was on her way to Hollywood. "I owe my whole career to that elevator boy", she would say laughingly. She had a reputation as a tough negotiator. David O. Selznick said of her, "Her angelic nature is not above being tarnished by matters of mere money".

During the making of Casablanca (1942), Humphrey Bogart's wife Mayo Methot continually accused him of having an affair with Bergman, often confronting him in his dressing room before a shot. Bogart would come onto the set in a rage.

Her former French estate was up for sale for $3 million. The country compound, comprising five buildings on 18.5 acres in the pastoral town of Choisille, is located 30 minutes from the center of Paris. The property includes 10 bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a greenhouse, a 55-foot indoor-outdoor pool and a small barn.

At Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, there's a special area at the museum devoted strictly to Casablanca (1942). That includes Humphrey Bogart's and her clothes from the film, the film's script, its costumes, and even the small piano on which Sam "played it again" for Rick and Ilsa.

Was a good friend of Ernest Hemingway, whom she called "papa" He, in turn, called her "daughter".