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directed and written by Marc Lawrence the the film it focuses on the relationship that evolves between a former pop music idol (Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher) and an aspiring writer (Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher) as they struggle to compose a song for a reigning pop diva (Haley Bennett as Cora Corman).

Main cast with pictures

Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher
Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher, a washed-up former pop star
  Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher
Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher, a former creative writing student
Brad Garrett as Chris Riley
Brad Garrett as Chris Riley, Alex's manager
  Haley Bennett as Cora Corman
Haley Bennett as Cora Corman, a young megastar
Adam Grupper as Gary
Adam Grupper as Gary, Rhonda's husband
  Kristen Johnston as Rhonda
Kristen Johnston as Rhonda, Sophie's older sister
Billy Griffith as Derek
Billy Griffith as Derek, Cora's rhythmic coach
  Matthew Morrison as Ray
Matthew Morrison as Ray, Cora's Manager
Campbell Scott as Sloan Cates, Scott Porter as Colin Thompson, Zak Orth as David Newbert, Aasif Mandvi as Khan, Jason Antoon as Greg Antonsky, Zak Orth as David Newbert (TV Executive #1), Brooke Tansley as Janice Stern (TV Executive #2)

Quotes from movie

CHRIS RILEY [about Cora Corman]: She seems like a very spiritual kid. ALEX FLETCHER: Yeah. It's nice to see a young woman exploring religion.

ALEX FLETCHER: It doesn't have to be perfect. Just spit it out. They're just lyrics. SOPHIE FISHER: "Just lyrics"? ALEX FLETCHER: Lyrics are important. They're just not as important as melody.Lyrics are important. They're just not as important as melody. SOPHIE FISHER: I really don't think you get it. ALEX FLETCHER: Oh. You look angry. Click your pen. SOPHIE FISHER: A melody is like seeing someone for the first time. The physical attraction. Sex. ALEX FLETCHER: I so get that. SOPHIE FISHER: But then, as you get to know the person, that's the lyrics. Their story. Who they are underneath. It's the combination of the two that makes it magicalIt's the combination of the two that makes it magical. Let's go for a walk. ALEX FLETCHER: A walk? What, now? SOPHIE FISHER: Yeah. Out on the streets you see things and, you know, hear things and eat things. It all sort of unlocks your mind. This is good. This is good. When you hit a wall, you gotta change the subject. So why did PoP break up? I mean, Rhonda told me that you guys were friends growing up? ALEX FLETCHER: We were, yes, and then Colin met a new manager who convinced him he was the star of the band. Shortly after, he left, taking the last three songs we'd written together and putting them on his solo album which went on to sell eight million records.

ALEX FLETCHER: I would obviously invite you to stay, it's just that I have a show today. SOPHIE FISHER: Oh, really? ALEX FLETCHER: Oh, yes. A big one. I'm headlining at Adventureland Amusement Park: Long Island's family fun center. Biggest outdoor amusement center east of Rye Playland. You have my permission to be impressed. SOPHIE FISHER: Sounds great. Okay. ALEX FLETCHER: Yeah. SOPHIE FISHER: So. ALEX FLETCHER: So. I mean, you... You could come.

SOPHIE FISHER: That was great. That was great. ALEX FLETCHER: Yeah? SOPHIE FISHER: Yeah. CHRIS RILEY: Good show. All right, you gotta do the encore. ALEX FLETCHER: Do I really have to? CHRIS RILEY: It's in the contract. Wanna do "Meaningless Kiss" or "Dance With Me Tonight"? ALEX FLETCHER: This is embarrassing. They don't want it. SOPHIE FISHER: No, it's not. These songs, they're fantastic. I mean, I've never heard most of them before but they're full of wonderful melodic surprises and they're catchy and they're making people happy and they're just good. So you should be incredibly proud to sing them. ALEX FLETCHER: You're not just saying that because you've been on the wave ride? SOPHIE FISHER: They're good, really good. ALEX FLETCHER: Okay, then. "Dance With Me Tonight," please. It's not often one man gets to say that to another with such joy. Thank you. Okay. PoP face.

SOPHIE FISHER: What happened to steamy and sticky? ALEX FLETCHER: I explained to Cora that it violated the very core of the lyric and corrupted the purity of the song. When that didn't work, I told her it would help me win you back. And that did it. Turns out that although she thought the Dalai Lama was, incredibly, a llama she is, in fact, quite the romantic.

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In Manhattan, New York, Alex Fletcher has a survival career singing his old hits in amusement parks, school reunions or dinner parties. In the 80's, he was a successful singer of the band POP with Collin Thompson, but when his partner split, his solo-career was a complete failure. His manager and friend Chris Riley schedules a meeting with the successful teen singer Cora Corman ("Biggest star in the world. Bigger than Britney and Christina put together.") and Alex has a chance to be promoted in her show on Madison Square Garden if he delivers a new song for Cora's concert in the end of the week. Alex has difficulties to put lyrics in his melody, but he accidentally discovers Sophie Fisher who proves to be a sensitive poet and efficient lyricist.


Pop! Goes My Heart
Pop! Goes My Heart
  Buddha's Delight
Buddha's Delight
Way Back into Love
Way Back into Love
  Work To Do
Work To Do


This was the second film filmed in New York City that Hugh Grant and director Marc Lawrence worked on together. Their first collaboration was Two Weeks Notice (2002).
I didn't really understand the writer's remark at the end of the film when Cora thanks the audience "Shanti! Shanti!" and Rhonda asks Sophie "What's that mean?", she replies "I don't know". They weren't surfing the internet? When everyone knows that Shanti is a Sanskrit term meaning "peace."
The interior Madison Square Garden scenes were actually shot at Nassau Veterans Memorial Colliseum. This is a smaller venue in Uniondale, New York, on Long Island.
Alex's apartment was located on 201 West 72nd Street, New York, six blocks above the Tower Records at Lincoln Center.