video to watch; download the lyrics and the song in mp3 format, video and pictures in HQ. Composed and performed by Enya, lyrics by Roma Ryan, produced by Nicky Ryan,
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Amarantine was released on November 14, 2005 (#10 U.S. Billboard Hot Single Sales; #53 UK Singles Chart). The video show as Enya in its splendor of a woman in love. A passionately love. A true love. Enya and Nicky Ryan recorded 500 tracks for the final form of the song.
Amarantine lyrics by Roma Ryan with HQ pictures original from video (click to enlarge in high resolution)

Enya Amarantine video picture 1
Enya Amarantine video picture 1 - opens your heart
  You know when you give your love away

it opens your heart, everything is new.
  video picture 2
Enya believe it's true video picture 2
  And you know time will always find a way

To let your heart believe it's true
video picture 3
Enya love is everything video picture 3
  You know love is everything you say

A whisper, a word, promises you give
  video picture 4
Enya is the way love video picture 4
  You feel it in the heartbeat of the day

You know this is the way love is
video picture 5
Enya is love video picture 5
  Amarantine, amarantine, amarantine
Love is love is love

Amarantine, amarantine, amarantine
Love is love is love
  video picture 6
Enya know love video picture 6
  You know love will sometimes make you cry
So let the tears go they will flow away

For you know love will always let you fly
How far a heart can fly away
video picture 7
Enya love is video picture 7
  Amarantine, amarantine, amarantine
Love is love is love

Amarantine, amarantine, amarantine
Love is love is love

Amarantine, amarantine, amarantine
Love is love is love

  video picture 8
Enya is with you when you rise video picture 8
  You know when love's shining in your eyes
It may be the storms falling from above

And you know love is with you when you rise,
For night and day belong to love.
Sung in English, and her first album with no Gaelic, Amarantine is Enya's most accessible to date. Her multilayered vocals still appear as though from the ether, but on several songs, notably the title track and the lyrically simple Somebody Said Goodbye, they sound sweet and poppy, rather than ghostly. Amarantine is a lovely album that is much more than a soothing listen. (The Times, Nov. 2005)

Enya sixth album blends uplifting melodies, classical motifs and trance-like chants in a familiar yet distinctive fashion. The 12 serene, synth-drenched tracks blur together as they float on predictable chord progressions and stacked harmonies, producing the perfect soundtrack to an epic historical film. This album is calm and relaxing almost to a fault. How much you enjoy the balmy sounds may simply depend on what kind of day you've had. (Billboard, Nov. 2005)

Enya (Nov 9, 1988): Oslo. There's snow everywhere and it's dark at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Might be a nice place for recording a video! (HotPress, Dec. 1989)

Amarantine, Enya's first full-length album in five years builds on her reputation as the world's premier purveyor of audio comfort food, providing another collection of mini-soundtracks that are often as awkward in their earnestness as they are breathtaking in their production. Boasting twelve new songs that retain the tapestry of sound that is her trademark, while stealthily stripping it of some of its excess, Enya has managed to both repeat herself and move forward without losing anything in the translation. Enya, lyricist Roma Ryan and producer Nicky Ryan have crafted the most subtle record of their careers, a move that may alienate some Watermark-era purists. Standout tracks show a newfound understanding of the simple power of Enya's voice, resulting in an intimacy that's eluded previous releases. While Amarantine will do nothing to win over the wrongly-pegged new age artist's many detractors, longtime fans will find enough moments of serendipitous pleasure to hold them. (All Music Guide, Nov. 2005)

"We've decided, whatever we do next let's get it right," Phil Murphy asserts, "Let's get the single right, let's get the video right. It's not a Bimbo act - it's a quality act so we'll give it all the time and attention it needs and deserves." (Hot Press, Dec. 1988)

Named after a mythical flower that never fades, the theme of Amarantine centres around enduring spiritual love - how we yearn for it and strive towards it. Enya's trademark signatures are all here, with threads from hymnal, classical, rock and Celtic mystic traditions woven together into a complex musical tapestry. The strands may be various but they form a thematic whole, that resonates with atmosphere, accumulating an expansiveness that positively surges with power. Enya's angelic voice is utilised superbly to create sublime multi-tracked melodies and steep banks of backing vocals, with instruments like piano, cello, and synthesised strings conjuring a sense of majesty and, at its most intense, untrammelled emotion. While Enya's emotional outpourings can inspire awe in the hearts of those who admire her. Yet, if they come to it with an open mind, Enya might just win new converts with Amarantine, even from among this band of the disaffected. Because the album manages to shimmer with an extra brilliance. Here, musical producer Nicky Ryan has managed to pare back the production without losing any of the characteristic layered sumptuousness and the allied celestial power. Throughout, Enya's voice seems more embodied, giving rise to a greater sense of intimacy than in her previous records. We're used to hearing Enya sing in different languages - Irish, Welsh, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Enya's taken a leaf from Sigur Ros's book and utilised a language invented specifically for the album by her longtime lyricist, Roma Ryan. (HotPress, Dec. 2005)

Enya (May 10, 1989): The first Monte Carlo World Music Awards and we took the award for the best video. Both Nicky and Roma were here and we made it the most relaxing promotional trip of all that we ve done.(Hot Press, Dec. 1989)

Amarantine, Enya's new album continues that journey with Enya's recognizable and timeless style. Amarantine is the welcome return of Enya. (The Celebrity Cafe, Nov. 2005)

Enya has confirmed the track list for her next studio album, "Amarantine," which is due Nov. 22 via Reprise. The 12-track set is led by the title song, a sample of which can be heard on Enya's Web site. A video has also been shot for the track. As usual, the artist collaborated on the project with producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan. (Reprise Records, Nov. 2005)

While Amarantine will do nothing to win over the wrongly pegged new age artist's many detractors, longtime fans will find enough moments of serendipitous pleasure to hold them over for another five years. (All Music Guide)

The overall effect of "Amarantine" is like drowning in whipped cream. (The New York Times, Nov 2005)