Dreams are More Precious

the 6th song of the album And Winter Came (2008), composed and performed by Enya Read or download Dreams are More Precious lyrics by Roma Ryan
Come! See! High above. Come! See! High in the heavens
a new star shining bright; out of the darkness comes a light.
Come! Hear midnight chimes. Come! Hear bells that are ringing
and from some distant shore sounds of a journey echo on.
This is the night, they say, everyone wants a dream.
This is the night, they say, nothing is as it seems.
Come! Sleep! Close your eyes. Come! Sleep! Give me your sorrow
and I'll keep watch for you until the dawn is breaking through,
until the morning wakens you.
Come! Dream through the night. Come! Dream, and then tomorrow
you'll see your heart will know dreams are more precious than gold.
Dreams are more precious than gold. Dreams are more precious than gold.

Dreams are More Precious picture
Dreams are More Precious picture

Download Dreams are More Precious mp3 (4:22, 128 kbps, 44 kHz) engineered by Nicky Ryan

Dreams are More Precious has hint of China Roses from 1995's The Memory Of Trees, and would be great playing out as I lay in the bath with a glass of red wine and loads of little candles flickering. For once I feel proud to name her as one of my favourite singers. (FemaleFirst, Nov. 2008)

Enya's history is hazy - either for the purpose of maintaining her enigmatism, or simply because she's a very private soul - and it's likely to stay that way. The fifth of nine children, she was educated at a national convent school where she excelled at music, latin and art, and nurtured dreams of becoming a music teacher or at least studying the subject further. (Interview with Nicky Ryan)

..."Dreams are More Precious" are among the few snoozers, the type of music that embeds Enya's reputation as a sorceress who merely excels at putting her listeners to sleep. (The Badger-Herald, Nov. 2008)

Track no. six and seven, Dreams Are More Precious and Last Time By Moonlight are two slow songs. It is romantic and dreamy background music, just the way we like it. (New Age Music, Nov. 2008)

Enya is extraordinarily beautiful, but there seems little point in asking her about love affairs anymore. She confesses to thinking more now about her social life, and marriage and children don't seem quite so remote from her dreams but her temporal desires remain on the backburner still, sacrificed for a higher purpose: the music... Enya's truth is recording of the ethereal, the capturing of a spirit in crystal. (Hot Press, Oct. 1991)
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