Last Time by Moonlight

the 7th song of the album And Winter Came (2008), composed and performed by Enya Read or download Last Time by Moonlight lyrics by Roma Ryan
The winter sky above us was shining in moonlight,
And everywhere around us the silence of midnight.
And we had gathered snowflakes; remember
the soft light of starlight on snow.
Oooh, remember this, for no-one knows the way love goes.
Oooh, remember this, for no-one knows the way life goes.
We walked the road together one last time by moonlight,
as underneath the heavens the slow chimes at midnight,
but nothing is forever not even the starlight
at midnight not even the moonlight...
Oooh, remember this, for no-one knows the way love goes.
Oooh, remember this, for no-one knows the way life goes.

Last Time by Moonlight picture
Last Time by Moonlight picture

Download Last Time by Moonlight mp3 (3:53, 128 kbps, 44 kHz) engineered by Nicky Ryan

Last Time by Moonlight isn't really anything spectacular... (FemaleFirst, Nov. 2008)

Last Time By Moonlight... It is romantic and dreamy background music, just the way we like it. (New Age Music, Nov. 2008)

"We're itching to get back in the studio. We never know how it's going to turn out until we start work on it. Last time we hid ourselves away for six months, and in all that time we didn't speak to WEA. When we finished we just took them the result and they were happy. None of us ever dreamed it would be so successful." (Record Mirror, June 1989)

"I had come from studying classical music at boarding school and was fiercely independent," recalls Enya. "I wasn't really involved as a member of the group. Nicky wanted me as keyboard player and as another vocal texture in the band which I agreed to. I talked a lot about music with Nicky and this is when he had the idea of the choir of one. He was so into experimenting with all types of music. He comes from live music and I hope people can sense that in what we do, even though And Winter Came is very much a studio album, it is all about performance." (Warner Music, Sep. 2008) 'When I sing it first time, I try to make it sound like a song, but without the words...' They come later, as we'll see. Still, it does sound undeniably amazing. It sounds... just like one of her albums. (The Telegraph (UK), Oct. 2008)
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