Stars and Midnight Blue

the 9th song of the album And Winter Came (2008), composed and performed by Enya Read or download Stars and Midnight Blue lyrics by Roma Ryan
Memories we share together Moments no one else can know
I will keep them close to me Never let them go
Once you filled my hands with roses
Then you gave your heart to me
When a kiss had followed this Love was meant to be
Time goes by And the snow is drifting
Slowly in the sky Cold, cold night
As you lie beside me I can hear your heartbeat
You have lost yourself in dreaming I have lost myself in you
Now we lie beneath the sky Stars and midnight blue

Stars and Midnight Blue picture
Stars and Midnight Blue picture

Download Stars and Midnight Blue mp3 (3:05, 128 kbps, 44 kHz) engineered by Nicky Ryan

Stars and Midnight Blue is another heartfelt song however, rather than dubbing her voice to sound like there are about 10 of her, this just plays up to her 'single' voice. (FemaleFirst, Nov. 2008)

On a winter inspired album like this Enya of course needed some darker and colder tracks as well. The two tracks Stars and Midnight Blue and The Spirit of Christmas Past are slower and more thoughtful. (New Age Music, Nov. 2008)

"My father used to say the best way to entertain a crowd is to let them entertain themselves," Leo often remarks, and he does just that by playing Granny's Old Armchair, Brennan on the Moor and finishing with The Homes of Donegal. It's a long way from the Academy Awards and the Grammies, but for the superstars that are Enya and the members of Clannad, these are nights when the roots are showing. (The Irish Times, July 2005)

Enya and Ryan describe the invented tongue as "a futuristic language from a distant planet". The Loxians, they tell us, live in space and are looking out at the stars wondering if there is anyone else out there or if they are alone in the universe. (The Sunday Times Ireland, Nov. 2005)

Enya's life is a schmooze-free zone. She is almost never seen at show-business parties, nightclubs or those music-industry beanos that draw other stars in droves. She doesn't tour and her stage appaerances are rare. She has never married, has no children and accounts of her romantic entanglements are sketchy, to say at least. (Women's Weekly, Jan. 2006)

When I was young I would be involved in the church choir, and it became very important to me, when I was away at boarding school, to come home and be with my family. And then we would all attend Midnight Mass, and to participate in singing all those wonderful hymns, I enjoyed it so much. That was the beginning of Christmas for me, at Midnight Mass. I have to say I was very excited to be invited to perform at The Rockefeller Center with the lighting of the Christmas trees and to perform for NBC, because firstly, I love Christmas, and New York is a beautiful city at Christmastime. I've been there several times, and The Rockefeller Center is so beautiful, that's where the tree is, so I am very excited about my performance with the show. (NBC, Nov. 2006 )
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