The Spirit of Christmas Past

the 10th song of the album And Winter Came (2008), composed and performed by Enya Read or download The Spirit of Christmas Past lyrics by Roma Ryan
When tears are in your eyes / It's time to look inside
Your heart can find another way
Believe in what I say / Don't throw this time away
Tomorrow will be Christmas day / Christmas day
So let the shadows go / and drift away like snow
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day / Tomorrow will be Christmas Day
So dream until the night / Becomes the morning light
Tomorrow will be Christmas Day / Tomorrow will be Christmas Day

The Spirit of Christmas Past picture
The Spirit of Christmas Past picture

Download The Spirit of Christmas Past mp3 (4:14, 128 kbps, 44 kHz) engineered by Nicky Ryan

The Spirit of Christmas Past kind of gives away the Christmas theme to anyone who hasn't picked up on it already and it's a nice change to have a song for the festive season that isn't just made up of cheesy pop stars in Santa hats dancing around like a bit of tinsel makes them lose all sense of good music. (FemaleFirst, Nov. 2008)

Enya's present to the world this Christmas is neither surprising nor original, but still a welcome gift to her millions of fans. Christmas is after all about tradition, and Enya would hardly do something totally different and new. It would be out of character, and probably a disappointment to many. On a winter inspired album like this Enya of course needed some darker and colder tracks as well. The two tracks Stars and Midnight Blue and The Spirit of Christmas Past are slower and more thoughtful. The album is beautiful and welcome, like Christmas itself. (New Age Music, Nov. 2008)

As for the new album? It's called And Winter Came, and it was originally destined to be a Christmas album, but now features 10 original tracks from Enya and two traditional hymns. (Irish Voice, Oct. 2008)

The album's twelve songs are an atmospheric and enchanting evocation of the changing landscape of winter and the cheer that Christmas brings. "I always wanted to do a Christmas album, but as we began recording I didn't feel it was right to impose a Christmas theme on certain songs," explains Enya. Says Nicky Ryan "We started out writing for a Christmas album, but it has evolved into more an Enya album based in a winter landscape where Christmas arrives here and there. Now as the temperature drops and the days draw in, the arrival of And Winter Came is certain to warm hearts around the world with its sweeping orchestration and an optimism that evokes the sense of possibility that Christmas brings. Something Roma says is reflected in the album's title, "I like the title; some people see it as an ending, with a whole story before it, but I see it very much as a new beginning." (Warner Music, Sep. 2008)

We'd all handed in our phones in case we secretly recorded it and flogged it on the internet. It's a Christmas album, so it's the usual fare with sleigh-bells. 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it,' one exec commented, ruefully. When the 'obvious single' started, another jumped up shouting, 'Thank you, Lord! (The Telegraph (UK), Oct. 2008)
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