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Enya And Winter Came

composed and performed by Enya , lyrics by Roma Ryan, engineered by Nicky Ryan, an atmospheric and enchanting evocation of the changing landscape of winter and the cheer that Christmas brings. Enya: "I always wanted to do a Christmas album, but as we began recording I didn't feel it was right to impose a Christmas theme on certain songs."

Track listing

01. And Winter Came     02. Journey of the Angels     03. White is in the Winter Night     04. O come, O come, Emmanuel     05. Trains And Winter Rains      06. Dreams are More Precious     07. Last Time by Moonlight     08. One Toy Soldier     09. Stars and Midnight Blue     10. The Spirit of Christmas Past     11. My! My! Time Flies!      12. Silent Night Oíche Chiúin


Called "And Winter Came" the release has reached the top 10 on album charts across Europe and in the U.S. since its November release. And while Enya won't commit to the idea of taking her tunes on the road, she does hint at the possibility. "To actually tour with the songs would be wonderful. It would be very much on a large scale: the orchestra, the choir. There'd be a lot of rehearsals, but it'd be very exciting," she says. Enya spoke to CNN about how her music is like an onion (think layers, not tears), keeping a low profile, and marking the 20-year anniversary of "Watermark," her breakout album. CNN: What does wintertime mean to you? Enya: Wintertime for me is a time when I do a lot of my writing in the studio. It's a time I enjoy. And it's very reflective and a very calming time of the year. Throughout the year I gather a lot of musical inspirations and this is where I bring them to the studio and see what will evolve musically. (Enya interview on CNN, Dec. 2008)

Enya could be set to perform in concert for the first time ever as she prepares to release her seventh studio album And Winter Came. And Winter Came was originally destined to be a Christmas album, but now features 10 original tracks from Enya and two traditional hymns. One of the songs is a tribute to the late Irish guitarist Jimmy Faulkner. The song involves a slight departure for Enya featuring guitar solos as well as references to The Beatles, Elvis and B.B King. (HotPress, Oct. 2008)

Her 2008 creation, And Winter Came, has been released in time for the coming holiday season. While it contains Christmas songs, it can more appropriately be called a seasonal release as many of the songs range beyond just one specific day. In many regards, other than the themes involved, it is a typical Enya release. Ten of the twelve songs are original and she continually overdubs her voice until it sounds like a virtual choir. The music infiltrates the senses and creates a mood that allows the mind to wander. Enya's music has always had a spiritual quality and so matches well to her creative visions of the winter season. The first four tracks are traditional Enya and find her at her best. "And Winter Came," with its beautifully constructed music is a fitting introduction to this album. And Winter Came brings her calm and peaceful music to a special time of year for many people. It should more than satisfy her legions of fans and remain a holiday release to be played and enjoyed for years. (Blog Critics, Nov. 2008)

The album itself is typically Enya and is not going to disappoint any existing fan, as she overdubs her voice so that it sounds like a virtual choir and the sounds fit perfectly with her views of the emotional winter season ahead. As the album kicks off with And Winter Came... you remember just how much you love Enya's tranquil sounds before she has even begun to sing. But when we do get some vocals out of her on Journey of the Angels it's just so relaxing and enjoyable as Enya doesn't bother with the loud drums and guitars we are so sick of seeing in music today, but just lets her incredible voice dictate the music on this tranquil song. After the calm of And Winter Came... we move onto the Christmas-Sounding White is in the Winter Night, the second track to be released from this album and which could be a serious contender for the Christmas Number One spot given the right backing. (FemaleFirst, Nov. 2008)

Enya's present to the world this Christmas is neither surprising nor original, but still a welcome gift to her millions of fans. Christmas is after all about tradition, and Enya would hardly do something totally different and new. It would be out of character, and probably a disappointment to many. And Winter Came is nothing more and nothing less than another nice Enya release. The warm colors of Amarantine are gone. Now she's dressed in snow white. On And Winter Came Enya's voice is as beautiful as ever, and the production is spotless. And Winter Came is a fine Enya album with few surprises. You know what you're getting when you put this album on for the first time. And that is ok, Chocolate is supposed to taste like chocolate and Enya is Enya. The album is beautiful and welcome, like Christmas itself. (New Age Music, Nov. 2008)

Two years in the making, expectations are understandably high for Enya's forthcoming album And Winter Came. The album's twelve songs are an atmospheric and enchanting evocation of the changing landscape of winter and the cheer that Christmas brings. Once again the album was recorded in their own studio and is the result of the longstanding creative triumvirate that was formed back in 1982 with Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan. At the outset And Winter Came was planned as a Christmas project but as the album began to take shape a broader seasonal theme soon became apparent. "I always wanted to do a Christmas album, but as we began recording I didn't feel it was right to impose a Christmas theme on certain songs," explains Enya. Says Nicky "We started out writing for a Christmas album, but it has evolved into more an Enya album based in a winter landscape where Christmas arrives here and there, but it would be wrong to call it an Enya Christmas album." And Winter Came is nonetheless rich in delightful festive moments, not least the track White in is the Winter Night which Nicky describes as being "the kind of song you could hear at the Proms with everyone joining in, its has that kind of Christmassy vibe." Previous Enya albums have seen her exercise a remarkable linguistic dexterity to perform songs written in anything from Welsh and Japanese to an entirely fictional dialect devised by Roma called Loxian, on 2005's Amarantine LP, And Winter Came's ten original pieces are all sung in English. (Warner Music, Sep. 2008)

Enya's album And Winter Came has taken the charts by storm all over the world, going Top 20 in no less than 21 countries, in its first three weeks on release. Meanwhile in the US, Canada and the UK, And Winter Came has also gone Top 10, hitting No.8 in the US and No.6 in both Canada and the UK. "It's been brilliant so far," producer Nicky Ryan told Hot Press. "There has been a hugely positive reaction to the record and that's been reflected in sales." (Hot Press Magazine, Dec. 2008)
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