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Enya Book Of Days

composed and performed by Enya, lyrics by Roma Ryan, produced by Nicky Ryan, is sung by Enya in Gaelic on the 7th track of the album Shepherd Moons (1991) and in English and Gaelic on the 3rd track of album Paint the Sky with Stars (1997). The video is based on the second version also used on the end of the movie Far and Away (1992) starred by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
Book Of Days lyrics by Roma Ryan with HQ pictures original from video (click to enlarge in high resolution)

Enya Book Of Days video picture 1
Enya Book Of Days video picture 1 - dreams could be tomorrow
  One day, one night, one moment

my dreams could be tomorrow.

One step, one fall, one falter,
  video picture 2
Enya video picture 2 - one way to be my journey
  East or West, over earth or by ocean,

one way to be my journey;

this way could be my book of days.
video picture 3
Enya video picture 3 - mo thuras
  O la go la, mo thuras,

An bealach fada romham.

O oiche go hoich, mo thuras,

na scealta na mbeidh a chioch.
  video picture 4
Enya video picture 4 - will be lost forever
  From day to day, my journey.

The long road before me.

From night to night, my journey.

The stories that will be lost forever.
video picture 5
Enya video picture 5 - will hold me back
  No day, no night, no moment

will hold me back from trying,
  video picture 6
Enya video picture 6 - find my day
  I'll fly, I'll fall, I'll falter,

I'll find my day maybe far and away.

Far and away.
video picture 7
Enya video picture 7 - found a new earth
  One day, one night, one moment

with a dream to believe in.

One step, one fall, one falter,

found a new earth across a wide ocean.
  video picture 8
Enya video picture 8 - far and away
  This way became my journey.

This day ends together, far and away.

This day ends together, far and away.

Far and away.
I've always been very private and shy, even though I have four brothers and four sisters. I need a lot of space and time to myself, so I live alone. Thinking is important. During the night I'll go through the day before and the one to come, so it can be restless. But dreams can be comforting, particularly when I dream about my grandparents. They're dead, but they were always there when I was young, advising what was best. If I've been dreaming about my grandparents, I'll have a good, positive day. When I'm composing I'm very open, voicing some emotion deep within me - anger, happiness. So composing is a way of releasing my emotions. But in the studio I'm very different. I'm a typical Taurus - stubborn and demanding. If things aren't going well it destroys me, and that's difficult for Nicky and Roma. Nicky and I have tremendous arguments. They're quite awful - shouting, everything. And sometimes there's no work for days afterwards. But when we come back to the studio we've regained our confidence. I'll spend about an hour or so on my book of days - a diary - which I've kept since boarding school. On occasions I'll pick up a particular date and I'll read back to what I was doing this time last year, and two years back, and relive those moments and think, 'My God! Wow! It feels like yesterday.' During a difficult time I think, 'This isn't as bad as that time.' Some people think I'm very melancholy. I'm not, but my melodies are. I sense this melancholy in traditional Irish songs - their great passion - because they deal with emigration or the loss of a loved one; so many Donegal fishermen died at sea. Once I've finished an album I just cut the ribbon and don't listen to it, but recently when an album was played during a live radio interview I was moved to tears. (The Sunday Times - A day in the life Of Enya, 1992)
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