Caribbean Blue

video to watch; download the lyrics and the song in mp3 format, video and pictures in HQ. Composed and performed by Enya, lyrics by Roma Ryan, produced by Nicky Ryan,
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Caribbean Blue, the 2nd song in the album Shepherd Moons (1991), also released as a single (1996, #13 UK Singles Chart; #3 U.S. Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks), a video dream who takes you right outside the atmosphere where the imagination is free and as all dreams we reach for the ideal.
Caribbean Blue lyrics by Roma Ryan with HQ pictures original from video (click to enlarge in high resolution)

Enya Caribbean Blue video picture 1
Enya Caribbean Blue goes round video picture 1

...Afer Ventus... the world goes round and round
  video picture 2
Enya ever knew video picture 2
  with all you ever knew

they say the sky high above

is Caribbean Blue...
video picture 3
Enya is true video picture 3
  ...if every man says all he can,

if every man is true,
  video picture 4
Enya believe the sky above video picture 4
  do I believe the sky above

is Caribbean Blue?
video picture 5
Enya turned to gold video picture 5


...if all you told was turned to gold,
  video picture 6
Enya Caribbean dreamed was new picture 6
  if all you dreamed was new,

imagine sky high above
video picture 7
Enya Eurus Afer Ventus video picture 7
  in Caribbean Blue...


Afer Ventus...
  video picture 8
Enya Zephyrus video picture 8


Question: How would you define friendship? Enya: Nicky and Roma. Q: How would you describe yourself? Enya: How should I... Strong and honest. Q: Are you a happy person? Enya: Yes, I am. (SAT1, Nov, 2005)

Nicky Ryan: "We wanted to launch the Enya's new album this time in a city that is as beautiful as possible - and Paris is one of Enya's favourite cities."

Enya quotes: "I was brought up Catholic, but as you grow older, rather than attending Mass out of habit, you decide for yourself what you want from religion. I'm the same with music, in that I can go for months without playing a radio or a CD, but when I do, it's usually to hear something like Rachmaninov's Piano Sonata No. 2 or his Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini."
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