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Evening Falls

video to watch; download the lyrics and the song in mp3 format, video and pictures in HQ. Composed and performed by Enya, lyrics by Roma Ryan, produced by Nicky Ryan, is
the 8th song in the successful album Watermark (1988, platinum in 14 different countries), also released as a single (1988, #20 UK Singles Chart). Nicky Ryan: "When we heard the ghost story I thought the piece of music that Enya had written, became 'Evening Falls', was really appropriate to that. It was at that stage that Roma write the lyrics."
Evening Falls lyrics by Roma Ryan with HQ pictures original from video (click to enlarge in high resolution)

Enya Evening Falls video picture 1
Enya Evening Falls could it be video picture 1
  When the evening falls and the daylight is fading,

from within me calls - could it be I am sleeping?
  video picture 2
Enya cannot say video picture 2
  For a moment I stray, then it holds me completely.

Close to home - I cannot say.
Close to home - feeling so far away.
video picture 3
Enya walk the room video picture 3
  As I walk the room there before me a shadow

from another world where no other can follow.
  video picture 4
Enya close to home video picture 4
  Carry me to my own, to where I can cross over..

Close to home - I cannot say.
Close to home - feeling so far away.
video picture 5
Enya lost in oceans of night video picture 5
  Forever searching; never right,

I am lost in oceans of night.
  video picture 6
Enya find memories picture 6
  Forever hoping I can find memories,

those memories I left behind.
video picture 7
Enya never knowing the reason video picture 7
  Even though I leave will I go on believing

that this time is real - am I lost in this feeling?

  video picture 8
Enya know the way video picture 8
  Like a child passing through, never knowing the reason.

I am home - I know the way.
I am home- feeling oh! so far away.
'On Your Shore' and 'Evening Falls' are too hymn-like for their own good - but these only pale when compared with the rest of the record. Anyway, pinning down individual pieces is more difficult than trying to catch rain with a fork because Nicky Ryan has wrapped them in a production of multi-layered taffeta that reveals a different hue each time you hear it. (Hot Press, Apr. 1988)

Enya has invited me to see her castle and has suggested that her producer Nicky and Roma Ryan join us there. We meet on a fresh, autumnal morning, Enya's elegant dress echoing the day in colors of greys and browns, her manner warm and friendly, and we move through the gates. Huge, makeshift, wooden hoarding serves as a kind of modern, suburban battlement for the army of builders who have been busy renovating the castle for the past two years. It has been a massive undertaking as Enya has redesigned the interiors and has paid meticulous attention to every detail of the castle's Victorian origins. Enya guides me across the forecourt, heavily muddied after the falls of relentless rain over the past few days and says softly, "This will be my first real home." Her sense of excitement is palpable. She continues, "I have tired of apartment living and need more space around me. The builders should be finished in a few weeks but I will be overseeing all the decorating and furnishing myself, I am not going to trust that to anyone else." ( World of Hibernia, Dec. 2000)

From Enya's diary: (Nov. 4, 1989) "More interviews. Time constraints on new song too tight but I'm happy with Evening Falls."
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