How Can I Keep From Singing

video to watch; download the lyrics and the song in mp3 format, video and pictures in HQ. Composed and performed by Enya, lyrics by Roma Ryan, produced by Nicky Ryan, is
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the 3rd song in the album Shepherd Moons (1991), also released as a single (1991, #32 UK Singles Chart), one of two adaptations rather than originals, the haunting Shaker hymn How Can I Keep From Singing. The video featured Enya singing in a church in the Gaoth Dobhair countryside, while also including archive footage of political figures.
How Can I Keep From Singing lyrics by Roma Ryan with HQ pictures original from video (click to enlarge in high resolution)

Enya How Can I Keep From Singing video picture 1
Enya How Can I Keep From Singing video picture 1
  My life goes on in endless song

Above earth's lamentations,

I hear the real, though far-off hymn

That hails a new creation.
  video picture 2
Enya hear music ringing video picture 2
  Through all the tumult and the strife

I hear it's music ringing,

It sounds an echo in my soul.

How can I keep from singing?
video picture 3
Enya hear the truth video picture 3
  While though the tempest loudly roars,

I hear the truth, it liveth.

And though the darkness 'round me close,

Songs in the night it giveth.
  video picture 4
Enya shake inmost calm video picture 4
  No storm can shake my inmost calm,

While to that rock I'm clinging.

Since love is lord of heaven and earth

How can I keep from singing?
video picture 5
Enya in their fear video picture 5
  When tyrants tremble in their fear

And hear their death knell ringing,
  video picture 6
Enya rejoice both far and near picture 6
  When friends rejoice both far and near

How can I keep from singing?
video picture 7
Enya thoughts to them are winging video picture 7
  In prison cell and dungeon vile

Our thoughts to them are winging,
  video picture 8
Enya singing video picture 8
  When friends by shame are undefiled

How can I keep from singing?
Enya knows how arduous their methods can be:"There were some tracks where I had eighty vocal parts and in some I went well over the hundred easily, sometimes singing, sometimes just humming and making sounds." For Nicky, a devotee of Sixties West Coast harmony groups, this scrupulous attention to detail has earned for Enya and himself, one powerful fan, Bones Howe, former producer and engineer with the Mamas And Papas and now head of music at Columbia Pictures. (Hot Press, Apr. 1987)

Roma Ryan tells she was a visual artist she specialised in batik before she met Nicky and produced a family. Instead, now she gives a visual expression to Enya's achingly lonely melodies, songs of prayers, dreams and longings echoing a child s spiritual innocence. (Hot Press, Oct. 1991)

Enya's quotes:
"Until I began to travel I wasn't aware of how important being Irish was for my composing and my everyday life. I dream in Gaelic; I think in Gaelic; I count in Gaelic. In an intense moment in the studio I'll forget myself and blurt out something in Gaelic. Speaking Gaelic, and particularly singing Gaelic, all the words, the emotions, come very naturally. Sometimes when I'm trying to translate from Gaelic I can't find the English word - it just doesn't go so deep. I would sing Latin very differently to singing in Irish or English. I knew emotionally it was a very strong piece but especially so when I played it to Roma. As usual she could feel the emotion I was trying to get across musically and when she handed me the lyrics it was so moving to actually sing them.
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