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Nicky Ryan


Nicky Ryan Born 1949 Nicholas Dominick in Dublin, Ireland. He is a successful musical producer. Previously managed the Irish group Clannad, the band with which Enya first performed. In the Seventies and Eighties Nicky was highly regarded as a live sound engineer.

Successes as producer

May It Be: Oscar nominee for the best original song; Golden Globe Nominee, Las Vegas Film Critics Award, Phoenix Film Critics Award, BFCA, Grammy;
Grammy for "Shepherd Moons", "The Memory of Trees", "A Day Without Rain", Amarantine
Watermark - IFPI Platinum European Award, Billboard Music Award;
Only Time - Echo Award, Napster Award.


Nicky Ryan about Dark Sky Island (2015)Dark Sky Island (2015) Deluxe Enya
"It allowed us to create the right sound and words, so the poetry of the lyrics fits the music".

"We wanted to launch the Enya's new album this time in a city that is as beautiful as possible - and Paris is one of Enya's favourite cities."

Nicky to Enya: "The only way I'd like to see things changing is by the same natural progression by which everything else was handled and not due to any outside pressure, whether it's success or anything else. I think it's the most important thread to keep together: always come back to basics and recognise that the bottom line is that you write beautiful melodies and keep the music innocent."

Nicky: Oh, if only they'd do that. It would be so much better. But they weren't open-minded enough to do it, so I just decided to keep it to myself. Just swallow hard and keep it for another day. Enya was the other day.
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