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Orinoco Flow Sail Away

video download lyrics and song in mp3 format, video and pictures in HQ. Orinoco Flow (Sail Away), composed and performed by Enya, lyrics by Roma Ryan, produced by
Nicky Ryan, the 7th song in the album Watermark (1988), was a massive success worldwide (#1 UK Singles Chart; #24 U.S. Billboard Hot 100) and became one of the New Age reference songs of famous, ambitious and passionate Irish singer and songwriter.
Orinoco Flow lyrics by Roma Ryan with HQ pictures original from video (click to enlarge in high resolution)

Orinoco Flow picture 1
Orinoco Flow Sail Away video picture 1
  Let me sail, let me sail, let the Orinoco flow,
let me reach, let me beach on the shores of Tripoli,
let me sail, let me sail, let me crash upon your shore,
  video picture 2
Enya beyond the Yellow Sea video picture 2
  let me reach, let me beach far beyond the Yellow Sea. deh-dah deh-dah deh-dah deh-dah deh-dah
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away
video picture 3
Enya in the shade of Avalon video picture 3
  From Bissau to Pilau - in the shade of Avalon,
from Fiji to Tiree and the Isles of Ebony,
from Peru to Cebu, feel the power of Babylon,
from Bali to Cali - far beneath the Coral Sea.
  video picture 4
Enya turn it up video picture 4
  deh-dah deh-dah deh-dah deh-dah
deh-dah aaah,
turn it up turn it up turn it up - bye, adieu
turn it up turn it up turn it up - bye, adieu
turn it up turn it up turn it up - bye, adieu
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away
video picture 5
Enya carry me on the waves video picture 5
  From the North to the South, Ebudae unto Khartoum,
from the deep Sea of Clouds to the Island of the Moon,
carry me on the waves to the land I've never been,
carry me on the waves to the lands I've never seen.
  video picture 6
Enya can sail video picture 6
  we can sail, we can sail
with the Orinoco flow,
we can sail, we can sail,
sail away, sail away, sail away
video picture 7
Enya at the wheel video picture 7
  we can steer, we can near with
Rob Dickins at the wheel,
we can sigh, say Goodbye Ross and his dependency.
we can sail, we can sail,
sail away, sail away, sail away...
  video picture 8
Enya sail away video picture 8
  sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
sail away, sail away, sail away...
Enya quotes about her 1988-89 promotional world travels:
6th October, 1988: Orinoco is at No. 51 in the midweek charts. We can hardly believe it.
23rd October, 1988: I should have been in bed hours ago but what are you supposed to do the day your record goes to No. 1? Roma ordered champagne but we hardly had time to touch it with the phone ringing. Rob was the first to call. It couldn't happen to three nicer people, he said. But I know it's a triumph for him too. Imagine that all this should happen with a song that was only put on the album at the last minute, Roma coming over specially from Dublin with Ebony and Persia to write the lyrics. It was all done in such a rush and yet it felt right. Obviously it was.
10th May, 1989: The first Monte Carlo World Music Awards and we took the award for the best video. Both Nicky and Roma were here and we made it the most relaxing promotional trip of all that we ve done. The helicopter journey from Nice into Monte Carlo was really spectacular though I think Roma was a bit nervous. Bianca Jagger was presenting an award and we stood backstage talking.
17th May, 1989: Had a very early start and did interviews all day. WEA Spain had arranged a tour of Madrid for us so we didn't have a chance to eat. Was presented with the most beautiful fan when they discovered it was my birthday. Back at the hotel I asked for toast and a cup of hot chocolate. I couldn't see why they found this so strange. I soon realised they didn't understand they brought me a cup of melted cooking chocolate.
20th May, 1989: very last official promo for Orinoco and guess what happens? My luggage finally gets lost for the first time, after all these airports and all those hundreds of flights.
10th July, 1989: The album at No. 1 and I've been given an award for the Best International Female in Venezuela. It's a pity we can't go there for promotion but we have already committed to work for Japan. Having written the song Roma would have loved to travel up the Orinoco for a day or two. Maybe next time!

Enya's producer and collaborator Nicky Ryan told me, the week 'Orinoco Flow' reached No. 5 in the UK. In the States, crucially, Geffen Records have taken the plunge enthusiastically, lining up 'Orinoco Flow' for an end-of-November rush-release. Watermark will follow in January, with the full weight of one of America's most energetic and successful operations behind it. "The frontline promotions and radio people there are knocked out by it," WEA's Irish MD Phil Murphy reveals. Back at home base, the figures may read less like telephone numbers but the implications are no less compelling. 'Orinoco Flow' has held steady at No. 1 in the singles charts for a solid four weeks. (Hot Press, Dec. 1988)

It was not until October 1988 that the elusive, nonconcertizing Enya became a superstar with the British release of Orinoco Flow (Sail Away), the single from her then impending WEA/Geffen album Watermark. The song seized the Irish airwaves the week U2 was to unveil its Rattle And Hum opus. In Dublin's citizens openly confessed, they'd never heard anything quite like Orinoco Flow (Sail Away). Recalling the explosion of interest in the song, with its multifarious abstractions concerning Venezuela's Orinoco River, the shores of Tripoli, and Avalon, the fabled Celtic afterworld known as "the land of eternal youth", Enya chuckles about the irony of her accomplishments. "Back then, I actually thought I was still more likely to end up teaching music than making it", she says. "And what's funny, too, is that unlike Clannad, whose background was in traditional Irish songs, my background was in classical music. Yet Nicky's influences were totally different! And Roma was a serious poet studying Irish folklore. (Billboard Magazine, Oct. 2000)

It was a potent mix. The trio's broad intent was to fuse traditional song patterns with modern studio techiques of synthesis and multiple overlay. Their first break came when film producer David Puttman commissioned Enya to create music for his 1984 movie The Frog Prince. Then came her 1988 album Watermark with its haunting hit single, Orinoco Flow (Sail Away), and Enya had arriven. (Women's Weekly, Jan. 2006)

Treating Enya as very much a personal project, Dickins even went so far as to visit record stores to watch shoppers purchase Orinoco Flow, that dedication led to the lyrics to Sail Away being included on the sleeves of future pressings as Dickins had noticed that fans were unsure of the song's title. He also respected Enya's desire for creative independence. "It was a condition of the signing that we would be creatively independent and for that reason we have never felt that we couldn't do something and be different for the right reasons; because the music dictated it," says Enya. (Warner Music, Sep. 2008)
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