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Roma Ryan Born Roma Shane in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is Enya's lyricist. In 2005, she created a new language known as Loxian inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. This language can be heard on three tracks from Amarantine: "Water Shows the Hidden Heart" (Syoombrraya), "Less Than a Pearl" (Heah Viiya) and "The River Sings" (Ea Hymm Llay Hey). At the time, the language was called Errakan, what in Gaelic means more-less "the people that come from the Moon" but Roma and Enya found the name Loxian more appealing. On 2005, Roma published in a limited quantity the book "Water Shows The Hidden Heart". Roma is married with Enya's producer Nicky Ryan which she has two daughters, Ebony and Persia. Roma favorites lyrics are for the song Only Time.


from "The Way Obsidian Sings" and "Amarantine" by Roma Ryan

It is your name

What is it that a man cannot speak? / What grief? What sadness? / What is it that burdens a man's shoulders? / It is not the sky. / After so many years of so much love / a man alone is a hurt thing. / His shirt, windblown. / His hair, uncared for. / Clothes he does not notice. / The sun in the sky need not arise, / neither need moon nor star. / Day after day / his eyes fix into the distance. / It is not where you are. / Mouth open, / only the sound of the wound / leaves his lips. / It is always the same. / What grief. What sadness. / It is your name.

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The psalm of little things

There is no simple song to love. / It is full of everything. / It is the psalm of little things; / the touch, the word, the look. / It is the ode of exaltation, / it is the lament, it is the despair. / It is filled with every grief. / It is a sadness sung from nowhere. / It is the hymn of hope, / it is for him, it is for her. / It is the air that each one breathes, / it is centre, edge, beginning, end. / It is everything our small hearts need. / It is the rise and fall of all who ever loved, and then / it is more than diamond, ruby, pearl, / it is more than a rule, a place, a prayer. / It is the song / that is sungfull of everything, everywhere.

Sagas and longtales

So many words he said with his eyes. / So many words no-one knew had ever existed. / Out of those darknesses the eulogy of endless desire. / Out of those softnesses sagas and longtales. / Out of earth colours, an odyssey of islands. / Out of pinpoints of light, valleys and cities, / exquisitely described. / Everything he could imagine was in his eyes.

I stitch your wounds

Nobody knows how much you love me. / You armour our love against the world. / I stitch your wounds. / You know the years our love has travelled. / I place milestones along the inches. / You say there is no last season to our love / so I lay out winter as another beginning. / You declare our love openly in gesture, in word. / I remember all the secret moments. / You say to the world how much you love me. / In each heartbeat all of my love is given. / Nobody knows how much I love you.

Water Shows the Hiden Heart

a forthcoming exhibition in the Art of the Valley Gallery during The Loxian Games.
"..he looks into the eyes of the water and sees his own eyes, looking. They reflect everything, these waters, even the hidden heart." There are two cities that carry the name The City of Constellations. The first is in the heights and is the home of the Loxians, the astronomers, the starkeepers. The second is in the valley and is the home of the Valley-dwellers, the scribes, the myth-minders. Both these peoples want to know their place within the night, they want to know they are not alone.
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