The Memory of Trees

video to watch; download the song in mp3 format, video and pictures in HQ. Composed and performed by Enya, engineered by Nicky Ryan, The Memory of Trees
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is released in 1995 (#5 UK, #9 United States). It won the Grammy Award for "Best New Age Album" of 1997. Its Enya The Memory of Trees cover
art was inspired by a painting by Maxfield Parrish whose work has inspired many of her music videos as well.
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Enya The Memory of Trees video picture 1
Enya The Memory of Trees video picture 1
  So when ethereal Irish singer/songwriter Enya decided to call her new album The Memory of Trees, it was not an ecological homage to a plant form that could die out, but rather out of regard for what the foliage may one day recall about our fleeting activities. "I love the ambiguity of the idea," says Enya, laughing, who poured her impressions into the record's...   video picture 2
video picture 2
  ...opening instrumental title track, "but it's got more to do with what the trees have been through and their awareness of us, instead of our awareness of them. That's why the Druids placed great importance on trees and their spiritual power." This belief led to the earliest form of Irish writing, called Ogham or "the tree alphabet," its characters composing...
video picture 3
video picture 3
  ...a secret script with both ordinary and otherworldly meanings. According to legend, the system was devised by Ogma, god of eloquence and literature. Enya herself perceives great importance in legend, its relationship to Irish heritage, and its modern impact on its people. "I get inspiration from the countryside," she says. "I live in...   video picture 4
video picture 4
  ...northwest Donegal on the Atlantic coast, and it's quite wild, with mostly mountains, moors, and brown bogs filled with rushes. There's something terribly breathtaking about it, and it moves me to write melodies that can be uplifting, but which I personally find can be very emotional and draining. (Billboard Magazine, Oct. 2000)
video picture 5
video picture 5
  With a glittering array of multi-million selling albums behind her - such as Watermark, Shepherd Moons, The Memory Of Trees and Paint The Sky With Stars - Enya has established a career that is a global phenomenon and a refreshing antidote to superstar pop. (Reprise Records, Oct. 2000)   video picture 6
video picture 6
  Though the album's been out nearly a year, it practically qualifies as an overnight success for Enya. Her previous albums have sold solidly but slowly, achieving multiplatinum status over years, not months. Her prior chart best was #9 for 1995's The Memory of Trees. (MTV, Oct. 2001)
video picture 7
video picture 7
  I have to say I was very excited to be invited to perform at The Rockefeller Center with the lighting of the Christmas trees and to perform for NBC. I've been there several times, and The Rockefeller Center is so beautiful, that's where the tree is, so I am very excited about my performance with the show. (NBC, Nov. 2006)   video picture 8
video picture 8
  Shepherd Moons won Enya her first Grammy for Best New Age Album but her awards cabinet would start to fill out four years later with Memory Of Trees earning another Grammy and racking up more than 9 million sales. (Warner Music, Sep. 2008)
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