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watch computer animated comedy film who show us amazing adventures of four animals, Marty the zebra, Alex the lion, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo, who escape from New York Central Zoo and find themselves in Madagascar. Marty is turning ten years old and wishing to see the world. He has lots of friends including the zoo's star, Alex the lion. When Marty makes a break for freedom and Alex, Melman the giraffe, and Gloria the hippo go after him along with others from the zoo, they find themselves shipped off to Africa to be released into the wild. An accident at sea strands the animals on Madagascar where their true animal nature begins to surface and it could destroy the animals' friendships forever.

Main crew

Directed by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath; produced by Mireille Soria; written by Mark Burton, Billy Frolick, Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath; story by Tom McGrath, Eric Darnell; music by Hans Zimmer; edited by Clare De Chenu, Mark A. Hester, H. Lee Peterson; production by DreamWorks Animation, Pacific Data Images.

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Characters description with picture, voice actors and quotes

Alex the Lion, the protagonist of Madagascar (2005) film
, a lion is the protagonist of movie. With his three friends, Marty, Gloria and Melman, he lives in Central Park Zoo (Ben Stiller) "Like I said, it's showtime"
Marty the zebra is a quick witted free spirit
, a zebra is a quick witted free spirit, funny, kind, friendly, adventurous, an optimistic dreamer (Chris Rock) "As long as we're together, it doesn't matter to me"
Melman the giraffe with infinite phobias
, a giraffe with infinite phobias, is kind, funny, caring, frolicsome, loving, shy, brave, brainy, neurotic (David Schwimmer) "got to take the Metro-North train"
Gloria the hippo is beautiful, smart and resourceful
, a hippo is beautiful, smart and resourceful, sweet when she wants to be and tough when she needs (Jada Pinkett Smith) "that is the real deal right there"
Julien self-proclaimed King of the Lemurs
hyperactive and egotistical self-proclaimed King of the Lemurs with a hilarious accent and dance free fun (Sacha Baron Cohen) "my genius plan is this"
Maurice, a perennially annoyed, droll lemur
a perennially annoyed, droll lemur offers thought to counterbalance monarch's hair-brained schemes (Cedric the Entertainer) "What big teeth you have"
Mort, a cute and cuddly mouse lemur
a cute and cuddly mouse lemur is King Julien's most dedicated, and undeniably creepiest, servant (Andy Richter) "They are savages"
Fossa, the main antagonists, are medium-sized cat-like creatures
the main antagonists, are medium-sized cat-like creatures rarely speak, usually growling and yelping (Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath) "Foosa hungry, foosa eat"
Skipper, tough, dedicated, caring, suspicious, alert, adventurous
tough, dedicated, caring, suspicious, lion-hearted confident, daring, heroic, was born to lead (Tom McGrath) "win the hearts and the minds of the natives"
Kowalski, Skipper's lieutenant
Skipper's lieutenant feeding him the raw data necessary to complete their missions successfully (Chris Miller) "It's no good. I don't know the codes"
Private far younger than the other penguins
sensitive, emotional, and happy, far younger than the other penguins is constantly trying to prove himself (Christopher Knights) "tell them that the boat's out of gas"
Rico, gung-ho, emotional, profound, playfully
gung-ho, emotional, profound, playfully, wild, heroic, loyal, ingenious, is Skipper's most reliable soldier (Jeffrey Katzenberg)

Movie transcript with snapshot pictures

ALEX: Surprise! MARTY: Alex. Do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming. When a zebra's in the zone, leave him alone. ALEX: Come on, Marty. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthdaywanted to wish you a happy birthday. MARTY: Hey, man, thanks. ALEX: Hey, I got something stuck in my teeth. It's driving me crazy. Can you help me? Please? MARTY: You came to the right place, my friend. Dr Marty, D.D.S., is in the house. Please hop on top of my sterilised examination table, if you may. I don't see anything. ALEX: It's on the left. MARTY: Oh, sorry. Okay, just don't talk with your mouth full. Right here. What the heck is this doing in there? ALEX: Happy birthday! MARTY: Hey, thanks, man. You put it in behind the tooth. You all right. ALEX: These aren't even on the shelf yet. Here. Check it out. Look at that. Look at that. MARTY: Look at that. It's snowing. ALEX: Ten years old, huh? A decade. Double digits. The big 1 - 0. You don't like it? MARTY: No, no, it's great. ALEX: You hate it. I should've gotten you the Alex alarm clock. That's the big seller. MARTY: No, no, no. The present's great, really. It's just that another year's come and gone and I'm still doing the same old thing. Stand over here. Trot over there. Eat some grass. Walk back over here. ALEX: I see your problem. MARTY: Maybe I should go to law schoolI should go to law school. ALEX: You just need to break out of that boring routine. MARTY: How? ALEX: Throw out the old act. Who knows what you'll do. Make it up as you go along. Ad lib. Improvise. On the fly. Boom, boom, boom. MARTY: Really? ALEX: You know, make it fresh. MARTY: Fresh, huh? Okay. I could do fresh. ALEX: Works for me. Here come the people, Marty. I love the people. It's fun people fun time! Let's go, Gloria! Up and at 'em. We're open! GLORIA: What day is it? ALEX: It's Friday. Field trip day. GLORIA: Yes, it's field trip day. Let's get up and go in ten more minutes. ALEX: Come on! Melman! Wake up! Rise and shine! It's another fabulous morning in the Big Appleanother fabulous morning in the Big Apple. Let's go. MELMAN: Not for me. I'm calling in sick. ALEX: What? MELMAN: I found another brown spot on my shoulder. Right here. See? Right there. You see? ALEX: Melman, you know it's all in your head. PEOPLE: Let's go! Come on! MASON: Phil! Wake up, you filthy monkey. MARTY: Oh, I'm going to be fresh. Straight out the ground. Tasty fresh! Freshalicious. Ziploc fresh. ZOO ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the CentraI Park Zoo proudly presents. ALEX: Show them the cat. Who's the cat? ZOO ANNOUNCER: The king of New York City. ALEX: Alex the lion. ZOO ANNOUNCER: Alex the lion. MARTY: It's showtime. ALEX: Roar! MARTY: Gather around, people. Big show about to startBig show about to start. Check out the zebra taking care of biz. That's right. SKIPPER: Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. Kowalski, progress report. KOWALSKI: We're 500 feet from the main sewer line. SKIPPER: And the bad news? KOWALSKI: We've broken our last shovel. SKIPPER: Right. Rico, you're on litter patrol. We need shovels. And find more Popsicle sticks. We don't want to risk another cave-in. PRIVATE: And me, Skipper? SKIPPER: I want you to look cute and cuddly, Private. Today we're going to blow this dump. BOY: Come here. Come here. Come on, penguin. MARTY: Yeah! You don't see that on Animal PlanetYou don't see that on Animal Planet. Ha-ha. Well, show's over, folks. Thanks for coming. I hope you thought it was fresh. I'll be here all week. In fact, I'll be here for my whole life. Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, including Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, Kwanzaa. Please don't forget to never spay or neuter your pets. And tip your cabbie, because he's broke. SKIPPER: You, quadruped. Sprechen sie Englisch? MARTY: I sprechen. SKIPPER: What continent is this? MARTY: Manhattan. SKIPPER: Hoover Dam! We're still in New York. Abort. Dive! Dive! Dive. MARTY: Hey. You in the tux. Wait a minute. What are you guys doing? PRIVATE: We're digging to Antarctica. MARTY: Ant-who-tica? SKIPPER: Can you keep a secret, my monochromatic friend? Do you ever see any penguins running free around New York City? Of course not. We don't belong here. It's just not natural. This is all some kind of whacked-out conspiracy. We're going to the wide-open spaces of Antarcticagoing to the wide-open spaces of Antarctica. To the wild. MARTY: The wild? You could actually go there? That sounds great. Hey, hold up. Where is this place? Tell me where it is. SKIPPER: You didn't see anything. Right? MARTY: Yes, sir. I'm sorry. No, sir. ZOO ANNOUNCER: For his final appearance of the day, the king of New York City. Alex the lion. ALEX: Roar! Thank you. Thank you very much. You guys are great. You're a great crowd. Give yourselves a hand. Thank you. Thank you. Well. Thank you. Oh, that's too kind. Too kind. MELMAN: Underpants! PEOPLE: Everybody get home safe. Hey! Check out my Web site. ALEX: Twenty-four hour Alex Cam. Watch me sleep. GLORIA: This is the life. MELMAN: That's the spot. I'm in heaven. GLORIA: It's Marty's birthday. ALEX: Just rip it open. MARTY: What is it? GLORIA: Come on. Open it up. What you got? MARTY: A thermometer. Thanks. I love it, Melman. I love it. MELMAN: I wanted to give you something personal. That was my first rectal thermometer. MARTY: Mother. MELMAN: I'll miss that bad boy. ALEX, MELMAN AND GLORIA: Get the cake. Melman, come on. Happy birthday to you! You live in a zooYou live in a zoo. You look like a monkey. And you smell like one too. MASON: I say. MARTY: Well, now, you guys are just embarrassing me. And yourselves. ALEX: What? We worked on that all week. GLORIA: Let's go. Let's make a wish, babycakes. ALEX: What'd you wish for? MARTY: Nope. Can't tell you that. ALEX: Come on. Tell. MARTY: No siree. I'm telling you, it's bad luck. You want some bad luck, I'll blab it out. But if you want to be safe, I'll keep my mouth shut. GLORIA: Would you just tell us? What could happen? MARTY: Okay. I wished I could go to the wild! ALEX: The wild? MARTY: I told you it was bad luck. ALEX: The wild? Are you nuts? That is the worst idea I've ever heard. MELMAN: It's unsanitary. MARTY: The penguins are going. So why can't I? ALEX: The penguins are psychotic.


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A sequel titled Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa was released on November 7, 2008, and picked up right where the first one left off, with the same voice cast. A second sequel, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012), was released on June 8, 2012. A short film called The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper was released with the Madagascar DVD, and was theatrically released with Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit in the United States. A 2009 spinoff series, The Penguins of Madagascar, premiered in March 2009 on Nickelodeon. It is the first Nicktoon to be produced by both Nickelodeon and DreamWorks Animation. Merry Madagascar, a holiday special featuring characters from the film series, premiered on November 17, 2009 on NBC. Madly Madagascar, a Valentine's Day special featuring characters from the film series, was released on DVD on January 29, 2013. A spin-off film Penguins of Madagascar was released on November 26, 2014 and a third sequel, Madagascar 4, was set for release on May 18, 2018, but it was removed from its schedule due to the studio's restructuring.

The look of the jungles in Madagascar is based on the paintings of Henri Rousseau.

In 2008, the American Film Institute nominated Madagascar for its TOP 10 Animated List America’s Greatest film.

As of December 2013, the film is the ninth highest-grossing DreamWorks animated feature in the U.S. behind Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek the Third (2007), Shrek (2001), Shrek Forever After (2010), How to Train Your Dragon (2010), Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted (2012), Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011), and Monsters vs. Aliens (2009).

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